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Happy Monday // Vol. 2

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Change the narrative.
Instead of letting that Sunday night anxiety get the best of you, 
take a moment to remind yourself that you are in control, no matter what! 
And sometimes reflecting on the best moments from the week past, can help.

Tomorrow will be a
Happy Monday!

and here's my 3 reasons why...

#1 - Instagram Feature

On Friday, I was asked to submit my Bronx Zoo photo to be featured on the EverdayBronx IG account. That photo's one of my favorites from that day, so I was very excited to have it posted where it could be appreciated by others. 

#2 - 'Hello Kitty In NYC' Mug

If you guys follow me on instagram, you'll know that I love mugs, and last Wednesday, I went to the Sanrio store in Times Square to specifically buy this one. I saw it a few days before that and hadn't stopped thinking about it since, so I knew I had to buy it. 

A photo posted by Shanis (@tenoli) on

#3 - My New Gabi Fresh Swim Sexy Bathing Suit! 

Yesterday, I got my SwimSuitsForAll package with my new GabiFresh bathing suit and cover up. I'm so glad they fit well. I'm already dreaming about beach days this Summer. 

What are some great things that happened to you last week? 

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and
have an even better week!



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