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The Heavy Rotation // Vol 5. - The Return of KING, a Fusion of Love and a Little Tortured Soul

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

KING has finally returned...
with new music for the masses!

Feburary 2, 2016 is...
...the official release date for KING's debut LP that I've been patiently waiting on for almost 4 years! The pre-order goes live on December 3rd - so make sure to keep this link on hand. 

Took them long enough to "master the art", but hey... who's complaining? I'll finally have new KING music to add to my heavy rotation. Right now, I play the EP at least once a week. "Hey" still has the most plays on my iTunes (well over 500 by now I'm sure...). 

Check out the trailer for the album below: 

So... promo tour... yes?
Banking on the law of attraction that we get a show in NYC shortly after the album drops.

Stronger Than You...
If it wasn't apparent by now, I'm head-over-heels about Steven Universe, and I'm a huge sucker for just about every -ship on the show including Garnet's (of course!). 

The reveal of Ruby and Sapphire is definitely in my top 5 SU moments, right up there with the introduction of Lion and the creation of Stevonnie :D

Anyways, Ruby and Sapphire's reveal came with an awesome song, which my boyfriend was nice enough to download for me (along with the rest of the Steven Universe soundtrack - background music gold!). I've been playing this "Stronger Than You" Remix NON-STOP for a week and a half!~ Just when I think I've had enough I play it one time and - BAM! - 'on' goes the infinite repeat button. 

Estelle is so f*cking cool...

"Always In Heaven When I'm With You"
Love feels like that, doesn't it? <3

Whether you're in love, daydreaming about reaching that new height with a special someone or just plain ol' loving yo' damn self - here's a great song that'll make you feel all those great feels while grooving.

I personally like to put this one on at the end of a long day. It's a feel good track without being overwhelming "HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY".

Enjoy! And if you want more House Music... check out these mixes....

Happy December!
May this month be filled with great music ;)

Till next time,


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