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The Best Advice on How to Deal With (Sexual) Temptation

Sunday, December 27, 2015

"What do you want for yourself?"
How you deal with sexual temptation has a lot more to do with what you want for yourself than it is about remaining faithful to your monogamous relationship, societies standards or your oath to celibacy... 

Normally I don't like to get deep on here and post about these kinds of things, but lately I feel very inspired to share the jewels that I've stumbled upon because I think, in this time of deep self reflection, these thought processes might be useful to some of you, helping you shape your plans for 2016 in more positive and self-satisfying way... 

Onward, ho! 

I thought this man's response on how to handle sexual temptation was brilliant and I have to say that I agree with him... it's all about what you want and how the situations that you are in will benefit or take away from your goal of becoming your greatest version (whatever that may be)... 

What do ya'll think about this? 

Hope you're all enjoying the holiday season &
 gearing up for a great New Year ahead! 

Another post soon!~ ;)


  1. I'm surprised you know about Elliot Hulse. Dude is a lil crazy but he puts a lot of passion into his talks.

  2. thank you, it inspired me in writing my own help article its about how to improve your sex life!great advices, and sexy tips!


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