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Blogmas Day 7: 7 Reasons I'm Excited For 2016!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the 7th day of Blogmas...
I realized how awesome 2016 is going to be!
I'm such a forward thinker, lol

So, here's why next year's going to kick a*s...

#1 KING's Debut Album
Do I really need to say more? I've blogged about these beauties several times over the course of the years and twice since Thanksgiving! If you couldn't already tell... (and how could you not), I'm over the moon ecstatic! February can't come soon enough! 

#2 Donuts Are Forever - 10th Anniversary Show
That fateful (cold as brick) day back in February 2013, I came across a J Dilla tribute show titled "Donuts Are Forever," had the night of my life and since then I make it my mission to go EVERY year! (At this point, it's just tradition). Good beer, great music and a room full of amazing people who are vibing on the same frequency... who wouldn't want that? 

And this year, they're making the Dilla celebration a weekend long event - das right! A two-day event! Mark yo' calendars! I can't soon as those tickets go on sale, I'm there! (And seriously, you should make it your mission to cop yourself a pair too!)

#3 X-Files Is Back! 
In 2014, I watched the last episode of the X-Files and wrongfully assumed I had seen the last of Mulder and Scully until earlier this year when it was announced that they'd be back on the screen for a 6 episode run in January 2016! *cue fangirl scream*

I was sure I wouldn't care much for the shod when I first watched it, but now...
Let's just say when I couldn't get into the X-Files panel at NYCC this year, I had a toddler type (internal) tantrum.

#4 And so is Steven Universe!
In case you missed my Steven Universe dedicated love post, here it is...I Love Steven Universe

Connie's got good taste ;3

Steven Universe is one of my favorite cartoon shows and after a hiatus, that might as well been an eternity, Cartoon Network is dropping a "Steven Bomb" on the week of January 4th - Hallelujah!

For more info on the "Steven Bomb" (episode names, synopsis, etc) check out the io9 article

#5 I'm Going to Portland! Woo-hoo!
I'm finally planning on making that big trip out West to visit the grand ol' city of Portland. And just to keep my a*s motivated to secure flight tickets and lodging arrangements, a few months ago I bought a ticket to see Gary Clark Jr. in Portland on April 14th, so one way or another, I need to make sure I'm out there that week!

I'm open to any awesome suggestions on the best spots to go to while in Portland... so please flood my comments! :D

#6 #MotorcycleGoals
I plan on adding "M Class" to my driver's license by the end of next year (but more specifically, before the summer!) My boyfriend assured me that once I found the bike I wanted, I'd hustle my behind to the DMV to get the ball rolling (in other words, I'll sit my butt down for that permit test and make sure I pass!)

He was right... I found this beauty, fell in love and now I'm more determined than ever to make sure I get that Motorcycle permit next month!

#7 My First... Tattoo!
Last, but not least, next year I finally plan on getting some ink! I'm a risk taker at heart, but with something so permanent, I don't mind taking it slow and starting off small, so while it's not going to be anything crazy intricate, it'll still have plenty of meaning to me.

Look for it at the end of January; I'll definitely post a photo of it on IG!

So, tell me... What are you most looking forward to in 2016? 

Hooray for another satisfying #Blogmas post!

I'm really enjoying the challenge of writing these.
I hope ya'll are enjoying reading them just as much :) 



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