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Blogmas Day 11: My Christmas Traditions

Monday, December 21, 2015

Some things never change...
And other things do...
But that's what great about tradition, while it usually conjures up this image of stagnant beliefs, tradition, like the cultures it sometimes derives from, is a breathing, living thing that can change and adapt whenever necessary. Some traditions last a lifetime and others are here today and gone in 5 years...

So, what does the typical Christmas look like for me?

When I was 11, my parents split up (no, I didn't have two Christmases, my father sort of checked out), but I brought that up to make a point of explaining that Christmas Eve pre-catastrophe and post apocalypse (in other words, before and after the divorce) was very different. Before my parents split up, tradition was to spend Christmas Eve exchanging gifts with my father's Jewish best friend and his family... (I still remember that one year I tried explaining who Jesus was to the kids, and my mom yelled at me, lol). After the split, however, things livened up a bit and Christmas Eve became this amazing (and, at first, intimdating) Dominican fieston*

*a huge fiesta

Now, I spend it with my mom and younger sister at my Italian stepfather's family home eating all kinds of traditional Italian dishes, stuffing my face with rainbow cookies, and drinking wine till my heart's content!~ 

Wait, so what exactly is the tradition here? Every Christmas Eve I spend time surrounded by people I love and appreciate - always with good food and ALWAYS with libations (that's VERY important!). 

And, what about Christmas Morning...?

It really hasn't changed much... Now that I'm 27, I only longer race on over to the tree to see what goodies Santa brought me, but my immediate family and I still get together to exchange gifts on Christmas morning, always in my PJs (if I can help it). This year, I'll be rocking my panda onsie (and if ya'll haven't already seen it, go stalk the 'Gram...). 

The first Christmas after my parents split up, my sister and I discovered the wonder of the Yule Log and every year we make it a point to have it on in the background while we open gifts, or we just sit and watch it while we wait for our parents to wake up. I always wanted a fireplace as a kid, so it's our way of using our imaginations without hurting our heads, lol. 

Oh and every year A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch and The Nightmare Before Christmas are a must-see! (duh!)

So... what about you? What're your Christmas traditions?
New and/or old, it don't matta! :)

Fellow NY'ers, hope ya'll are celebrating the colder temperatures with cute outerwear & some bomb a*s hot chocolate!~

More #blogmas posts coming your way!
Stay tuned



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