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Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 27 - I love Steven Universe!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Steven Universe themed Wednesday Link Up!
You're welcome! :)

If you don't know by now... 
I'm a proud fan of the animated cartoon network series Steven Universe. If you're not familiar with the show, here's some homework for you.

(now, here's where the real post begins...)

So, how will I survive the SU hiatus...
Unfortunately, (as some of you may already know) Steven Universe episodes have come to a halt (AGAIN!), but not to fear because Rebecca Sugar and the crew have been kind enough to create a few videos to hold us over in the meantime... 

I love love love love love this short!
It's so in tune with what's going on in the online world and feels like something
that Steven might actually do!

Does anyone else feel like they'd wanna cop a hot dog duffel bag after 
watching this Steven unboxing video? 

Want to watch more? Check out World of Steven Universe on YouTube! 

"We are the crystal gems..."
I'm not sure what it is about the Steven Universe theme song, but it makes me feel happy every time I hear it. 

So I'm spreading the joy with this extended (?) version...

I Spy... at NYCC 2015...

Aside from the panels and the swag, New York Comic Con is the place to drool over the awesome skills of fellow fans who pour their heart and soul into bringing their favorite characters to life, and this is true of fans of the Steven-verse.

Check out some of the awesome  SU cosplays I came across at NYCC 2015!~


Retail Therapy...

Nothing soothes the soul like a little shopping (granted you don't break your bank account and wallow in bills later...). Sooooooo.... here are a few gems that I found on redbubble that really caught my eye and I thought you guys might be interested in too!~ 

  • A Garnet Tote - Her head is the perfect shape for it! 
  • The standard Steven Universe tee... I'm not the biggest fan of logo type tees, BUT this is one is nicely done and fills the shirts up.
  • The Connie x Steven ship is beyond adorbz! (and this tee design has the added bonus of including Lion!) 
  • I have a hard time picking a favorite character, but I always melt over anything Rose related and since Steven and Rose will never meet in the flesh, I feel all the feels over this sticker of the two of them dancing!~ 
  • Equally gushing over this Rose and Greg sticker
  • And what's life without a chibi sticker of Lion
  • I'm seriously considering getting a new case for my iPhone just so I can buy either this Crystal Gems one or this Cookie Cat print one... 
  • I love love love love LOVE t-shirts that feature icons/logos from a show (you know anyone who appreciates your t-shirt will have to be a REAL fan, ya know?) Check out this frybo one
  • This t-shirt answers the question - "What's in Steven's hamburger backpack?"
  • This is one of my top 5 quotes in the show... "If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs"... check out how nicely they designed this tee with the quote.
  • Last but not least... This Steven x Super Mario mashup is adorable! I just wish it were a t-shirt and not just a sticker

What's next for SU fans?

Since the end of this haitus has no definite date just yet... there's always the funko pop collection to look forward to! 

While these are not the official designs, I love looking at these and getting all hyped up about the release. (I just wish we had a date for it...I love counting down.) 

Fellow fans, feel free to share your Steven Universe 
wealth with me in the comments below! 
link me up

Hope you all enjoyed this fan girl post!~ 

Until next week!


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