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The Heavy Rotation // Vol. 3 Disclosure, Gary Clark Jr., Son Little & Drake

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"And I know when that hotline bling...
...that can only mean one thing.

Time for another round of heavily rotating hits in Shanis' playlist - le'go!

I might hate to admit it, but I love to sing along to it. 

As if it wasn't infectious enough... it's been translated in Spanish by Fuego, tagged teamed by Disclosure and Sam Smith and covered by other artists including Jadakiss and Keyshia Cole!

(via Papermag)

Hear Her Roar!
Disclosure's latest album Caracal dropped a few days ago, and even though I've given it a full run through, I still find myself putting LION BABE's featured track on repeat. It's just THAT good.

Sonny Boy Silm
A few weeks ago, Gary Clark Jr. dropped his sophomore album The Story of Sonny Boy Silm. While he hasn't topped Black & Blu, it still feeds my hunger for good music. Here's my favorite track of the moment...


The Spotlight
The first time I heard Son Little's "O Mother" I cried... 
Mostly because it pains me to think that my future son could one day feel this pain. 

This song does an amazing job of capturing, what I imagine, a lot of Black men feel in America today.

Happy Tuesday!
Hope you guys found some new music to add to your already awesome playlists.
And feel free to send along your music suggestions! 


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