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EVENT: New York Comic Con x Brooklyn Brewery Team Up to Defend Beer!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oh my...I think I'm in love.
This tall dark and handsome beer-loving superhero has stolen my heart!

Two weeks ago I attended the 4th annual Defender Ale launch party at the Brooklyn Brewery!

This is that time of year where my love for comics and beer collides, and I get to mingle with geeky brewheads like myself!

I wasn't sure anything could top my hype over last year's Afro Heroine, but illustrator Khary Randolph's Defender had me drooling!

And before you go judging... it is perfectly normal to like fictional characters! ( I asked my therapist about it, lol )

And the best part... 

What are the odds that I'd win tickets two years in a row?!

ANYWAYS... here's how it all went down before the win... ( ' 3')/

First thing's first, I picked up some swag (like a Latino-sized helping of swag) and I sat myself down to enjoy my complimentary bottle of the Defender IPA.

I'm not the biggest fan of IPAs, but Garrett Oliver works his magic in these brews every year, and I literally find myself swallowing my words.

This year's brew is no exception! It goes down so smooth and it's not very bitter (score!)

This year's Defender Ale distro is going down a little differently. 
Unlike previous years, the IPA will be available post Comic Con, but all across the US! 

I'm really digging the bottled brew design, too!
( I've got mine sitting on my desk at home!)

The cake is a lie...
At least that's what I keep telling myself so I won't feel so bad about not being able to grab a slice of this amazing confectionery concoction (AGAIN)! 

( =___=;)

Bob's Burgers is among my top 3 cartoons at the moment, along with Steven Universe and Adventure Time, so you already know I had to take a photo of this White Ranger and Louise Belcher cosplaying couple! (#geekylove FTW!)

The Most Informal (Spontaneous) Interview EVA!
okay... maybe not ever, but close...

It wouldn't have felt right to leave without meeting the man who created this year's Defender, 
so I caught him just before he left and introduced myself.

Khary is super laid back and approachable, and he was gracious enough to spend a few minutes chatting with me and even sign my Defender six pack carton - yay! 

And then, at some point during our conversation, curiosity got the best of me and I just had to ask... 
"What are your top 5 favorite cartoons of all time?" 

And here's what he said:
in ranking order

This makes me nostalgic for early mornings before school...
Batman the Animated Series
But of course!
Danger Mouse
He's really taking it back...
Mmhm, this one's on my list as well.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Yaaassss! How could I forget?!

I also learned that Khary doesn't often smile for photos. So it's a good thing I found this candid while I was flipping through my 2014 NYCC photos last week (below). 

In comparison, Khary's got his "ain't nothing but a G-thang" face in full effect 
for the posed group photo below.

To learn more about Khary Randolph check out his website and social media pages: 

Khary will also be a guest speaker at this year's NYCC at the beer and comics themed panel: Beauty In The Eye of the Beer Holder: Art, Beer and The Audience.

And if you haven't already, check out the trailer for the 2015 Defender featuring Khary Randolph and and Garrett Oliver, below:

Stay tuned for more NYCC related posts be on
 the lookout for a 2015 Brooklyn Pour post coming next week! 

Till next time!



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