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The Heavy Rotation // Vol. 3 Disclosure, Gary Clark Jr., Son Little & Drake

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"And I know when that hotline bling...
...that can only mean one thing.

Time for another round of heavily rotating hits in Shanis' playlist - le'go!

I might hate to admit it, but I love to sing along to it. 

As if it wasn't infectious enough... it's been translated in Spanish by Fuego, tagged teamed by Disclosure and Sam Smith and covered by other artists including Jadakiss and Keyshia Cole!

(via Papermag)

EVENT: New York Comic Con x Brooklyn Brewery Team Up to Defend Beer!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oh my...I think I'm in love.
This tall dark and handsome beer-loving superhero has stolen my heart!

Two weeks ago I attended the 4th annual Defender Ale launch party at the Brooklyn Brewery!

This is that time of year where my love for comics and beer collides, and I get to mingle with geeky brewheads like myself!

I wasn't sure anything could top my hype over last year's Afro Heroine, but illustrator Khary Randolph's Defender had me drooling!

And before you go judging... it is perfectly normal to like fictional characters! ( I asked my therapist about it, lol )

And the best part... 

What are the odds that I'd win tickets two years in a row?!

ANYWAYS... here's how it all went down before the win... ( ' 3')/

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