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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This year's AfroPunk Fest was my first and only the second music festival I've ever attended in NYC. 

I think it was also by far one of the best festival experiences I've ever had! The Sunday lineup was incredible (unfortunately I only made it out one day), the food selection was on point and the people... so many beautiful, creative and fun-loving people! That's probably what puts this festival so high up on the list... it was crowded and yet no one spent the entirety of a set pushing and shoving others around them. You could really enjoy the music, sway in rhythm with the songs and rock together in harmony with the rest of the Afropunks. 

(Do I sound like a hippie yet? Yes? Good.) 

Check out some of the photos I managed to snap while I was there: 

Thundercat on the main stage...

I missed out on seeing him perform a few years ago, so I'm so glad I got a chance to see him live this weekend. He was amazing! What a great set to kick off my AfroPunk Fest experience!

Afro Punkette

Unlike some of the other festivals that I've attended, Afro Punk oozes style. It's a fashionista's inspirational playground, and while I don't claim to be a fashionista, I do love a chance to outwardly express my creativity via my appearance. 

Plus, it gave me a great excuse to splurge on a few headwraps!

Meet Maga Moura!

I've been following the lovely Afro-Brazilian beauty, Maga Moura, for months on IG and would've never guessed that of all the places I'd meet her at AfroPunk! 

She was extremely sweet and, as usual, colorful and cute!

(check out her website:

A Food Fest of Fest Food

I admit... I didn't do my research on what there'd be available at the festival in terms of terms of food, but I was blown away by the food truck set up and in-park stands. It was really well thought out and organized and the options were endless! 

I had some delicious pad see ew from the Mamu Thai Noodle truck.
so good...
Unfortuantely, I inhaled it all before I got a chance to snap a photo of my greasy noodle delight. 

The same goes for my first Alchemy Creamery push pop...
...however,  I made sure not to make that same mistake with my second one (below)

I tried both the Almond Cookie and Salted Peanut Butter flavors.
(peanut butter always wins)
This ice cream was SO AMAZING that it's really hard to believe it's dairy-free!

I'm actually looking into attending Smorgaburg just to get some more... #noshame

Sonny Boy Silm

There are not enough words to describe what Gary Clark Jr.'s music does to me - I feel like I literally melt every time he gets lost in one of his guitar solos. His music just sucks you in, and you wouldn't do anything to stop it, because it's just THAT good. 

It's my third time seeing him live and it never gets old or disappoints. 
(I'll be seeing him again in April on the west coast!!!) 

I can't wait till his new album The Story of Sonny Boy Slim drops September 11th!

The fine wine of rock n' roll

I didn't even know Lenny Kravitz was performing, so it was like an easter egg surprise when my girlfriend was like, "We're staying for the Kravitz show, right?" 

An amazing show from Fine Wine Kravitz was the perfect way to end such an amazing day! 
Have you ever heard "American Woman" live?! - Pure funk rock.

I could ramble on for days, but I won't.
I'll just leave this here...

If there were a way to buy 2016 tickets to Afropunk, today, I would do it in a heartbeat! 

Feels great to post something new; I hope to keep up the trend for the remainder of the year ;)

Till next week! 


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