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The Heavy Rotation // Vol. 1

Monday, June 8, 2015

Notorious For Killing Songs
Das right! I'm no stranger to the repeat button! 

There's always a new song that I've fallen in love with and feel a need to share, but I don't always remember to include it on the Wednesday Link Up posts or maybe I feel like it deserves a more dedicated space on my blog, so here goes. The Heavy Rotation, a series of blog posts dedicated to all the songs that I play on repeat until my little heart is content. These won't be text heavy posts, but I will include snippets of info where necessary. 

Wait for it... 
The chorus is EVERYTHING in this song. The visuals are pretty damn dope, too.

The French f*ck up.
I just finished watching MadMen this week (/tear) and this song played at the end of one of the final episodes - love, love, love.

Young hearts, run free.
This song fits my life like a glove - at least it helps to dance all the heartsick troubles away!

The Spotlight
This week I'm especially loving me some Leon Bridges.
If you're a fan of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, you'll love this.

Happy Music Monday ya'll! 
Hope you found something on here today that you can add to your daily playlist :) 


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