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Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 25 - My Current YouTube Obsessions

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Wednesday Link Up Post on Wednesday? 
Das Right!~ :) I'm back on track mi gente - Wepa! 

Am I Blue? 

Well, not at this very moment, no, but life's gotten out of control recently, and it's got me feeling a little down in the dumps. Aside from endless hours of Tumblr scrolling and Netflix binge watching, YouTube is my go-to pick-me-up.

So there's no surprise that lately I've consumed a seasoned YouTuber's amount of videos lately.

A few weeks ago, my best friend Wolford Brown put me onto this video - I die laughing pretty much every time I watch it, but my favorite thing to watch is other people's reactions to it. It's always a "WTF AM I WATCHING?!" kinda face and that second-hand embarrassment expression that gets me rolling!

Summer Time Fly

Most people go through the "I'm gonna dye my hair blue" phase during their teenage years, but I never got that itch in my teens. That's a whole different story now that I'm in my late 20's.

I bought my first wig last year for NYCC and have been dying to buy another one since. I'm even considering permanently dying a section of my hair white (where my natural gray hairs are starting to turn into a Rogue-like stripe), but it involves commitment and I'm not sure I'm ready... /dejavu

So, when I saw this video on how to get temporary purple hair WITHOUT having to go through a crazy dye process, I had to watch it.

I'm investing in a few cans for the summer, no doubt about it! ~


Everything about this song sceams "YAAAASSSSS!!" - It's the perfect summer jump off (and it never hurts to have some wholesome lyrical content too ;} )

My only complaint is that the video for the original track has a much cuter storyline than the remix - still, it's the most played song in my iphone this week (along with Drake's 'Jungle,' but that's another story.)

Original Video & Song

With Memorial Day behind us, beaches are now officially open and temperatures are finally reaching the 80's! 
Time to start planning that oceanside getaway ;) 

Keep daydreaming ya'll & 
Have a great Wednesday! 


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