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Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 24 - #BeerPorn

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chunky Monkey beer?! 
Okay, so not quite, but we're heading in the right direction! 

Ice Cream Meets Beer 
As long as we're sticking to flavors that make 'sense', I'm loving Ben & Jerry's step into the beer world. I'm a huge fan of Banana Bread Beer, but I can understand the skeptics, because Blue Moon's Horchata Ale is no bueno

Interestingly enough, critics aren't going after the taste, but rather the design of the bottle. (first time I've heard of someone attacking a beer bottle design.) 

They claim it's misleading for children who will wrongfully assume that drinking is a good thing (and it is... after 21!) But my question is, as long as it's not in the ice cream aisle, what's the big deal? Your child shouldn't be in the alcohol section of the bodega anyways (and honestly, I can't imagine it'll be as readily available as I'd like - I might have to go to a distributor to snag a bottle, so...)

That's my initial opinion, but what do you think? Do they have a point? 

Musical Brews

I'm always amazed by what people can do with so little - take an empty beer bottle, for example. Fill that sucker up with water, collect enough of them together and BAM impromptu pan pipes.

Okay, maybe it'll take some (and I mean LOTS) of practice before you're anywhere near as good as the 'Bottle Boys' but at least you're one step closer to being the coolest brewhead at the party!~

Check out the Bottle Boys perform Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." 

West Coast Brewin'

I had a bit of a "SAY WHAT?!" moment when I found that craft beer has become so popular that there's going to be a web sitcom called 'L.A. Beer'* launching on May 11th (the kickoff date for American Craft Beer Week)! It's the first web series filmed in front of a live studio audience - whoa! (real laughter - at good jokes, I hope...)

*a workplace sitcom set in a struggling Los Angeles microbrewery

I'm not sure the teaser's giving me everything I need to be completely convinced, but it's worth a shot. (One less unboxing video I'll be watching...)

And speaking of 'unboxing videos' (and this is completely off topic) have ya'll watched Mike Tyson's Unboxing Video? Because if you haven't, please do yourself and favor and click any of the links I've put in this off topic paragraph.

What is Craft Beer?

Good question, because a lot of craft beer drinkers are not aware of the specific definition of what is a craft beer, or better yet, a craft brewer. Here's the Brewer's Association's definition - it's comprised of three different parts:

  • Small (less than 6 million barrels)
  •  Independent (25% or less is owned by a 'big name')
  • Traditional (stays within the definition of beer)

Recently there was a lawsuit filed against Blue Moon because it no longer does (and quite frankly, never did) fit the mold of a craft brewer since it is owned by MillerCoors, making Blue Moon a 'big beer' Still it feels uncomfortable to hates on it so much, since Blue Moon was part of my craft beer starter pack back in the day and on occasion when they come out with something new, I buy myself a bottle just to check it out (Peach Ale, yay! Horchata Ale, nay!)

So while I wholeheartedly agree with the man behind the lawsuit that there needs to be more transparency in who owns Blue Moon and have it marketed less like a craft beer, I understand MillerCoors leaving their big name out of it for the sake of expanding their reach and creativity in a way that the MillerCoors name wouldn't allow them to. I personally dislike the taste of Bud or Coors, so had I known Blue Moon was affiliated with them, I might have hesitated to reach for one.

Craft beer drinkers, any thoughts on this?

Oh and btw Shock Top is owned by Anheuser-Busch as is Goose Island Brewery and Blue Point Brewery.

Brew For Thought.

Tigers, Lions and Brews - oh my!

Stumbled across info about the Central Park Zoo's Beer Festival happening next month and both the 5 year old and 25 year old inside me are ecstatic! Aside from the amazing beer and food selection, there's also a costume contest and depending on your ticket level, different exhibits and shows you can get into throughout the night!

I just hope no one does anything stupid... some people don't know how to handle their beer... ahem! 

There's a deal right now on GiltCity for the event, where you can save 22% on a VIP ticket and get you and your brew date in for $69 a person! Honestly not a bad price for four hours of unlimited beer sampling and a seat at the Sea Lion show!~

I loved working on this post so much, I might do another #BeerPorn Wednesday Link Up in the near future.
Let me know what you guys think!

Cheers! ;) 


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