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Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 23 - Pimping Butterflies & Learning Love Through Pain

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe."
- Lao Tzu

Last week in music... 

...the good kidd dropped his highly anticipated LP To Pimp A Butterfly. I've heard each track at least 10 times, and I'm still not sure how to describe my experience other than to say that the first time I heard it all the way through it was unintentional. I was getting ready for work and I figured I could play a few minutes of it as background music, but half way through the first track I sat down and then I barely moved... for an hour... Very rarely is it a MUST to consume whole albums this way, but if you don't listen to it all the way through, in order, at least once, you're doing yourself a disservice. 

Everyone's favorite follow up question is, "What's your favorite track?" ... and it honestly changes everyday. 'King Kunta' is undoubtedly a hit single; expect to hear it on rotation at parties this summer. Kendrick worked his 'Swimming Pools' magic on that one, but right now my go-to's are 'You Ain't Gotta Lie,' 'Hood Politics,' 'Institutionalized' and 'Alright.'

I definitely don't want to forget to mention 'For Sale?''s conversation with 'Lucy' and 'Mortal Man''s easter egg interview with Tupac at the end, which were definitely two of the biggest highlights on the LP, in my opinion.

(And then I remember his OutKast invoking spoken word on 'For Free?' and the pain well executed on 'u' and I'm starting to run into that problem where you can't pick one specific thing because it's all so damn good...)

Let's move on...

An Old Message Gets a New Voice... 

Last week, Jill Scott released a video for her latest single 'You Don't Know,' and while the song's message of 'pain validating love' isn't new (check out Dinah Washington's 'You Don't Know What Love Is.'), I'm not complaining. Scott definitely did her thing on this one (I see you Questlove!) and is on her way to cementing her immortalization in music.

It's a great song, one that every soulful lady should keep handy with a bottle of whiskey and, should one of those post-argument nights arrive, she'll be well prepared.

So I just have to ask...
Can you really know what love is without experiencing pain?

I'm curious what the consensus is on this one...

Bite Size Link Ups!
Personally my favorite segment :)

This week I'm going to categorize! (Let me know if ya'll find it helpful.

Stay warm & dry! 
Sunnier, warmer days are right around the corner...I hope.

Till next week! 


  1. We all experience love different. You may have gone through some troubles and may not know how to love or even how to accept being loved because of your own hurt. To truly love is to be patient, kind, not self seeking. It's accepting that person for who they are regardless of their faults, wrongs or imperfections. Willing even to put your your life down for that person. I believe you can have love in your heart and experience love without pain. A person may have grown up in an environment filled with love all their life. Maybe (and I quote the great rapper Ja Rule) Pain is love. It can be painful to love at times. Especially when it's not reciprocated well.


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