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Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 22 - Tim Burton Tackles Circus Life & Dr. Marten and Adventure Time Team Up!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What time is it?! 
It's Wednesday Link Up Time! 

Wear adventure on your feet! 
The other day while I was heading to Petco to get some food my guinea babies, I passed by the Dr. Martens shop and caught sight of the Adventure Time boots in the window - SAY WHAT?! Yes, Dr. Martens and Adventure Time have a collab collecction that's ALMOST as amazing as the Sanrio colleciton (but not really, because I would have totally copped myself a pair of the Sanrio joints) STILL it's pretty f*cking awesome! 

More collaboration magic ahead... 

Tim Burton Takes Direction in Live-Action Version of Dumbo

My first question is, "Can they use Sun Ra's original version of 'Pink Elephants On Parade'?" and my second question is "What part is Johnny Depp going to play in all this?" 

Dumbo's definitely up there in terms of my favorite Disney movies (I watched it again a few months ago, as in, I actually requested it - lol). Tim Burton has done some amazing work with Disney and can't wait to see what kinda twisted dark fantasy spin he puts on this. (although the mistreatment of elephants is unfortunately not far from the truth)

On a happier note, here is both the original and the film version of "Pink Elephants on Parade."

The original version (Sun Ra's version)

The film version

It's been a crazy hectic week at work so I have to keep this week's Wednesday Link Up brief, but I hope you guys enjoyed the news of these collabs as much as I did!

Until next time!


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