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MUSIC: My SweetLife Festival 2015 Picks

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Around this time of year, life gets just a little sweeter...

At the peak of the season, Sweetgreen hosts an incredible environmentally conscious, health-focused and fun-loving festival called Sweetlife, and rightfully so, because when you put that combination of things together, that's exactly what you're living.

The festival only gets better every year - chocked full of artists I'm already a huge fan of and others I'm grateful to have been put on to.

This year the festival has expanded to takeover an entire weekend and will feature artists like Kendrick Lamar, Vic Mensa, Allen Stone, Calvin Harris, The Weeknd and SZA -  just to name a few!

So with that said...

...Here's my 'Must See 10' list for 2015's Sweetlife festival:

#1 K. Dot

Do I really have to spell it out for you? Four words... TO. PIMP. A. BUTTERFLY. 

This past weekend, I actually spent 5 hours dissecting this conceptual masterpiece of an LP. Whether or not you're a fan of having to dig this deep into your music to enjoy it, it's amazing that someone could create an album that could inspire community in such a way ~ :)

The great thing is that Kendrick Lamar is infamous for making tracks like "King Kunta" that can both please the "I just wanna have a good time" crowd and the "I wanna get deep with it" crowd - skills! 

#2 Allen Stone

I discovered Allen Stone right around the time I fell in love with Michael Kiwanuka - it was definitely a double whammy of pure soul. In a day in age where people rarely purchase albums, let my action speak for itself. The same day I streamed his album, I surrendered my $9.99 to iTunes. In other words, check him out (if you haven't already)! 

I'm super excited to hear some of my favorite tracks performed live ('Say So,' 'The Wind,' 'Sleep,' 'Unaware'), especially his latest, which speaks volumes to me! #slowdown! 

#3 SZA 

I admit that despite my love for Kendrick, I was slow in appreciating the sounds of his fellow label mate SZA, but after I sat down and really gave the album a good listen, I was hooked! 

Later, I read an interview where she said that her track 'Julia' was inspired by none other than my favorite Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts (FYI, she also loves the movie - ME TOO!) 

This was another album I dropped mula for, INSTANTLY. 

All the songs are amazing, but I think 'Warm Winds,' 'Babylon,' and 'Sweet November' might be my favorites! 

#4 Sinkane


Yeah, that's what I thought at first, and while I wasn't completely sold the first time I heard his music, there was something about it I couldn't escape, and the stream kept on playing. 

This track is one of my favorites - it gives me the perfect Sade vibe

(Hands down, the best part about The Sweetlife Festival is discovering great artists like these...

#5 Calvin Harris

Hi, welcome to the #turnupfunction - cause that's exactly what's going to happen when Calvin Harris steps out to do his thing! 

This is one of those shows where you're better off standing up with the crowd by the stage than you are standing up by a seat - because when that beat drops there will be nothing better than jumping up and down with hundreds of other people as pumped up (and as #wavy) as you. 

#6 The Weeknd

Lord... *fans self* I mean, I've been a Weeknd fan for awhile now, but 'Earned It'? Very few songs make it onto my personal "feeling sexy" playlist, but this one (along a few of his other 'classics') have been permanently added. 

We will be feeling all the feels during this set and loving every minute of it. 

#7 Charli XCX

Is there anything more satisfying than cursing out loud to the beat of a great song in a crowd of fellow potty mouths? - if you don't know what I'm talking about, Spotify 'Sucker'.

#8 Lucius

Here's a perfect example of a group I would not have discovered on my own.

I like to think that Lucius will give the kind of soothing vibes and festival worthy performance that college favorites like Dr. Dog, Death Cab for Cutie and Jose Gonzalez would.

Beer, shades & sway.

#8 MisterWives

Their name alone piqued me interest - I never heard of them before two weeks ago, but now I even follow them on IG.  (They were recently in Da Bronx - #props)

When I think of 'proper' festival tunes, MisterWives hits the nail on the head.

#9 Marina and the Diamonds

Every festival's gotta have their Lana Del Rey, and if I had to nominate one band from this year's lineup it'd be Marina and the Diamonds.

After a few beers, this is the perfect kinda set to get you deep into those feelings you've been ignoring for way too long.

#10 The Bots

I wanted to end this list by spotlighting this LA sibling duo because I wasn't sure what to expect when I first looked them up on Spotify, but this funky garage punk sound threw me for a loop - in a good way.

While it's not my go-to, I'm digging the unique sound The Bots managed to put together. I've seen a video showcasing their live performance skills, and they definitely delivered.

And just to think, the music is only half the fun...
don't even get me started on the food!~

Who are you most looking forward to seeing this year?



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