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The Best Advice on How to Deal With (Sexual) Temptation

Sunday, December 27, 2015

"What do you want for yourself?"
How you deal with sexual temptation has a lot more to do with what you want for yourself than it is about remaining faithful to your monogamous relationship, societies standards or your oath to celibacy... 

Normally I don't like to get deep on here and post about these kinds of things, but lately I feel very inspired to share the jewels that I've stumbled upon because I think, in this time of deep self reflection, these thought processes might be useful to some of you, helping you shape your plans for 2016 in more positive and self-satisfying way... 

Onward, ho! 

I thought this man's response on how to handle sexual temptation was brilliant and I have to say that I agree with him... it's all about what you want and how the situations that you are in will benefit or take away from your goal of becoming your greatest version (whatever that may be)... 

What do ya'll think about this? 

Hope you're all enjoying the holiday season &
 gearing up for a great New Year ahead! 

Another post soon!~ ;)

Blogmas Day 11: My Christmas Traditions

Monday, December 21, 2015

Some things never change...
And other things do...
But that's what great about tradition, while it usually conjures up this image of stagnant beliefs, tradition, like the cultures it sometimes derives from, is a breathing, living thing that can change and adapt whenever necessary. Some traditions last a lifetime and others are here today and gone in 5 years...

So, what does the typical Christmas look like for me?

When I was 11, my parents split up (no, I didn't have two Christmases, my father sort of checked out), but I brought that up to make a point of explaining that Christmas Eve pre-catastrophe and post apocalypse (in other words, before and after the divorce) was very different. Before my parents split up, tradition was to spend Christmas Eve exchanging gifts with my father's Jewish best friend and his family... (I still remember that one year I tried explaining who Jesus was to the kids, and my mom yelled at me, lol). After the split, however, things livened up a bit and Christmas Eve became this amazing (and, at first, intimdating) Dominican fieston*

*a huge fiesta

Now, I spend it with my mom and younger sister at my Italian stepfather's family home eating all kinds of traditional Italian dishes, stuffing my face with rainbow cookies, and drinking wine till my heart's content!~ 

Wait, so what exactly is the tradition here? Every Christmas Eve I spend time surrounded by people I love and appreciate - always with good food and ALWAYS with libations (that's VERY important!). 

And, what about Christmas Morning...?

It really hasn't changed much... Now that I'm 27, I only longer race on over to the tree to see what goodies Santa brought me, but my immediate family and I still get together to exchange gifts on Christmas morning, always in my PJs (if I can help it). This year, I'll be rocking my panda onsie (and if ya'll haven't already seen it, go stalk the 'Gram...). 

The first Christmas after my parents split up, my sister and I discovered the wonder of the Yule Log and every year we make it a point to have it on in the background while we open gifts, or we just sit and watch it while we wait for our parents to wake up. I always wanted a fireplace as a kid, so it's our way of using our imaginations without hurting our heads, lol. 

Oh and every year A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch and The Nightmare Before Christmas are a must-see! (duh!)

So... what about you? What're your Christmas traditions?
New and/or old, it don't matta! :)

Fellow NY'ers, hope ya'll are celebrating the colder temperatures with cute outerwear & some bomb a*s hot chocolate!~

More #blogmas posts coming your way!
Stay tuned


Blogmas Day 7: 7 Reasons I'm Excited For 2016!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the 7th day of Blogmas...
I realized how awesome 2016 is going to be!
I'm such a forward thinker, lol

So, here's why next year's going to kick a*s...

#1 KING's Debut Album
Do I really need to say more? I've blogged about these beauties several times over the course of the years and twice since Thanksgiving! If you couldn't already tell... (and how could you not), I'm over the moon ecstatic! February can't come soon enough! 

#2 Donuts Are Forever - 10th Anniversary Show
That fateful (cold as brick) day back in February 2013, I came across a J Dilla tribute show titled "Donuts Are Forever," had the night of my life and since then I make it my mission to go EVERY year! (At this point, it's just tradition). Good beer, great music and a room full of amazing people who are vibing on the same frequency... who wouldn't want that? 

And this year, they're making the Dilla celebration a weekend long event - das right! A two-day event! Mark yo' calendars! I can't soon as those tickets go on sale, I'm there! (And seriously, you should make it your mission to cop yourself a pair too!)

#3 X-Files Is Back! 
In 2014, I watched the last episode of the X-Files and wrongfully assumed I had seen the last of Mulder and Scully until earlier this year when it was announced that they'd be back on the screen for a 6 episode run in January 2016! *cue fangirl scream*

I was sure I wouldn't care much for the shod when I first watched it, but now...
Let's just say when I couldn't get into the X-Files panel at NYCC this year, I had a toddler type (internal) tantrum.

#4 And so is Steven Universe!
In case you missed my Steven Universe dedicated love post, here it is...I Love Steven Universe

Connie's got good taste ;3

Steven Universe is one of my favorite cartoon shows and after a hiatus, that might as well been an eternity, Cartoon Network is dropping a "Steven Bomb" on the week of January 4th - Hallelujah!

For more info on the "Steven Bomb" (episode names, synopsis, etc) check out the io9 article

#5 I'm Going to Portland! Woo-hoo!
I'm finally planning on making that big trip out West to visit the grand ol' city of Portland. And just to keep my a*s motivated to secure flight tickets and lodging arrangements, a few months ago I bought a ticket to see Gary Clark Jr. in Portland on April 14th, so one way or another, I need to make sure I'm out there that week!

I'm open to any awesome suggestions on the best spots to go to while in Portland... so please flood my comments! :D

#6 #MotorcycleGoals
I plan on adding "M Class" to my driver's license by the end of next year (but more specifically, before the summer!) My boyfriend assured me that once I found the bike I wanted, I'd hustle my behind to the DMV to get the ball rolling (in other words, I'll sit my butt down for that permit test and make sure I pass!)

He was right... I found this beauty, fell in love and now I'm more determined than ever to make sure I get that Motorcycle permit next month!

#7 My First... Tattoo!
Last, but not least, next year I finally plan on getting some ink! I'm a risk taker at heart, but with something so permanent, I don't mind taking it slow and starting off small, so while it's not going to be anything crazy intricate, it'll still have plenty of meaning to me.

Look for it at the end of January; I'll definitely post a photo of it on IG!

So, tell me... What are you most looking forward to in 2016? 

Hooray for another satisfying #Blogmas post!

I'm really enjoying the challenge of writing these.
I hope ya'll are enjoying reading them just as much :) 


Blogmas Day 6: Love With Food, Beauty Con BFF & Doki Doki Crate!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Give the gift that keeps on coming...
subscription boxes!

But seriously... why didn't I ever think of that? 
A subscription box subscription would make the perfect present!

And so it begins...
the blog post that is... 

Love With Food
LoveWithFood will always have a special place in my heart... It was my first subscription box service and I have to say, I've really enjoyed being a subscriber! Not only do I get a box full of amazing (and healthy) snacks every month, but the customer service is off the chain! When my August box was lost in the USPS twilight zone, they were extremely quick to send another one (no hesitation!). 

The boxes have different themes month-to-month and usually offer tons of coupons to purchase more of the snacks that're offered. For $10/month - I'm totally getting my money's worth AND for every box that you purchase, they donate a meal to a hungry child - how freakin' awesome is that?!

But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

December 2015 Love With Food - Chocolate themed box

Beauty Con BFF
I heard about beautycon earlier this year, but unfortunately a bit too late (tickets were already sold out /sadface), so I'm thinking, next year I'd like to go check it out - because while I'm not a beauty guru or even a daily glam girl, I still do really enjoy learning about and trying out new beauty products.

Lucky for me, I was able to snag a Beauty Con BFF box subscription during Black Friday weekend for half the price it normally goes for! (A $100+ value for $15!!) A few days ago my Fall 2015 box arrived, and I loved almost everything I got (except for the necklace, but that's mostly because me and fantasy jewelry don't get along as well as I'd like). While most products were full size, I was really digging the travel size hand cream, Benefit mascara and hair brush that are perfect for when I want to freshen up on the go!

My winter 2015 box is already on it's way, and I can't wait for all the goodies! Check out Mirella Belle's unboxing video below:

Doki Doki Crate
I've been a bit hesitant about subscribing to Japan Crate (mostly because I can't justify getting another snack box, even if they are super cute, weird and delicious snacks from Nippon!~) BUT there is a kawaii-shaped void in my heart that I have a feeling the Doki Doki crate might be able to satisfy. The subscription is VERY new and their first box ships out in January 2016... I'm thinking it's a great way to start the new year and a good way to begin spoiling myself in my birthday month ;) 

What do you guys think? Does it seem worth the $30?

Feel free to make a subscription box recommendation or to share your subscription box experience with me! :) 

Stay toasty, my friends!~

Blogmas Day 4: Let Go & Dive Deep!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Here's a little inspiration to kick start your week...
...and a great way for me to celebrate Blogmas day 4! 

Infinite Waters...
I've been subscribed to him for a few months now and his videos have really inspired me to approach certain aspects of my life in new and healthier ways. 

I know this isn't for everybody and some of you might watch this and run the other way ("What is this boring spiritual crap?!"), but it's only right to share the information that's helped me along my journey because it might help someone else along theirs. 

So... with that said...

Check out Ralph's YouTube channel Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) for more videos!

Now, go forth and become your greatest version! :) 

Stay tuned for more blogmas posts ;3

much love,

Blogmas Day 3: Keep the Internet Weird!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weird recognize weird.

I appreciate the internet. (Obviously I'm against the hate trolling and unnecessary bullsh*t comments, BUT...) I love the freedom people have to express their unique brand of "weird" and share it with the world, even if it draws more "WTF?!" comments than it does applause...

Here are two young ladies who definitely contribute to keeping the internet a weird place :)

Bread SMASH! 
The instagram account BreadFaceBlog houses videos of a young NY-er who literally smashes her face into pieces of bread while bumping hits like Brandy's "Sittin' Up In My Room" or Drake's "Hotline Bling". I'm not sure why it's so addicting to watch, but I theorize it has something to do with the "But why...?" factor.

What do you guys think?

(via mashable)

Under the Sea...
I had to watch this three times before I could wrap my head about what I had just seen... I'm guessing this is Syori's take on The Little Mermaid's "Under the Sea"... (I wonder what Alice's Wonderland looks like in her imagination)

Unlike the "bread smasher", I didn't feel compelled to watch more of her videos... (they kinda creeped me out a bit, honestly), but if you feel like checking out some more, click here to watch her seductive fruit dance.

Sincerest apologies about missing out on Blogmas yesterday...
Expect a makeup post this coming week! ;3

Feel free to share your favorite weird videos below!
I could always use more for my Youtube playlist...


Blogmas: Day 1 - Holiday Music, Ol' Burger Beats & More!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Welcome to Blogmas!
For the next 14 days I'm going to be blogging EVERYDAY
(ya'll already know, this is going to be one heck of a challenge...)

And, what better way to kick things off than with a little music? 

To Get Into the Holiday Spirit...
bump JaBig's 3+ hour holiday instrumental mix. I personally like to have this one in the background while I'm cooking, napping or lounging about reading. Instrumentals are always great for when you want to create ambiance without causing distraction. 

Keep it Hip Hop...
This is for those who like instrumentals with a little 90's boom bap jazz flava...

The boyfriend actually put me on to this one; I just did a little further research into Ol' Burger. Check out his soundcloud for more of his production.

Listen to the lyrical version here...

A Video For 'The Greatest'...
Who want to run with the number one? 

I know I raved my butt off about how happy I was that KING finally released an update for when their debut LP is dropping (Feb 2016), but I've gotta spread the love whenever the opportunity arises and a few days ago the soulful trio dropped their 8-bit music video for their latest single "The Greatest."  (get the album pre-order)

I think it's fitting with the song and fun, quirky and unique, just like Amber, Paris and Anita.
True blerds. 

If you've got any favorite holiday jams, post a link below!
(but really, feel free to share any music. I love it all!) 

May your holiday shopping be stress-free.
And if you don't exchange gifts this time of year, LUCKY YOU, lol

See ya'll here again tomorrow! ;)


The Heavy Rotation // Vol 5. - The Return of KING, a Fusion of Love and a Little Tortured Soul

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

KING has finally returned...
with new music for the masses!

Feburary 2, 2016 is...
...the official release date for KING's debut LP that I've been patiently waiting on for almost 4 years! The pre-order goes live on December 3rd - so make sure to keep this link on hand. 

Took them long enough to "master the art", but hey... who's complaining? I'll finally have new KING music to add to my heavy rotation. Right now, I play the EP at least once a week. "Hey" still has the most plays on my iTunes (well over 500 by now I'm sure...). 

Check out the trailer for the album below: 

So... promo tour... yes?
Banking on the law of attraction that we get a show in NYC shortly after the album drops.

Stronger Than You...
If it wasn't apparent by now, I'm head-over-heels about Steven Universe, and I'm a huge sucker for just about every -ship on the show including Garnet's (of course!). 

The reveal of Ruby and Sapphire is definitely in my top 5 SU moments, right up there with the introduction of Lion and the creation of Stevonnie :D

Anyways, Ruby and Sapphire's reveal came with an awesome song, which my boyfriend was nice enough to download for me (along with the rest of the Steven Universe soundtrack - background music gold!). I've been playing this "Stronger Than You" Remix NON-STOP for a week and a half!~ Just when I think I've had enough I play it one time and - BAM! - 'on' goes the infinite repeat button. 

Estelle is so f*cking cool...

"Always In Heaven When I'm With You"
Love feels like that, doesn't it? <3

Whether you're in love, daydreaming about reaching that new height with a special someone or just plain ol' loving yo' damn self - here's a great song that'll make you feel all those great feels while grooving.

I personally like to put this one on at the end of a long day. It's a feel good track without being overwhelming "HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY".

Enjoy! And if you want more House Music... check out these mixes....

Happy December!
May this month be filled with great music ;)

Till next time,


Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 27 - I love Steven Universe!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Steven Universe themed Wednesday Link Up!
You're welcome! :)

If you don't know by now... 
I'm a proud fan of the animated cartoon network series Steven Universe. If you're not familiar with the show, here's some homework for you.

(now, here's where the real post begins...)

So, how will I survive the SU hiatus...
Unfortunately, (as some of you may already know) Steven Universe episodes have come to a halt (AGAIN!), but not to fear because Rebecca Sugar and the crew have been kind enough to create a few videos to hold us over in the meantime... 

I love love love love love this short!
It's so in tune with what's going on in the online world and feels like something
that Steven might actually do!

Does anyone else feel like they'd wanna cop a hot dog duffel bag after 
watching this Steven unboxing video? 

Want to watch more? Check out World of Steven Universe on YouTube! 

NYCC 2015: The Haul Edition

Monday, October 26, 2015

I can't believe NYCC was only two weeks ago! 
It feels like it's been least there's ONLY  300+ days left till NYCC 2016...

The Post Comic Con High...
One of the best weekends of the year came and went in a flash, but that doesn't mean the fun stops there. Luckily, us geeks have our hauls to hold us over and help us transition back into reality a little easier... 

So what's in my haul?

This is probably my biggest haul at any convention to date (although I know by no means is it record breaking, lol). Even though my pockets have holes the size of my fists, it was well worth it! 

Peep the list, check out the photos and watch some 
unboxing videos below! 

  • Lootcrate Comic Con Exclusive Box
  • Marvels Collector Corps - Avengers Box
  • Batman New 52 - Death of the Family & Zero Year - Secret City
    (sidenote: I just finished Death of the Family and it is F*CKING AMAZING! - That and the Court of Owls are just... PHENOMENAL! Do yourself the favor and read 'em... Scott Synder, you da man!) 
  • The Strain Vol. 2
  • Bee & Puppycat Mittens

Needless to say the boy I take these out on a date for is going to have to be pretty special because these bad boys are just too cute (and white) to whip out for just any old date...

The Mass Invasion Unboxing Marvel Corps &
Lootcrate NYCC Exclusives

I helped Janifer, from The Mass Invasion, film these videos straight after our first full day at the convention on Thursday night! She snagged a 'Secret Wars' box instead of the 'Avengers' for the Marvel Corps Collector's Box, different swag, same awesomeness!

Check out the videos to see what goodies were in the boxes and to listen out for my commentary as I was the lady behind the camera!~ ;) 

If you haven't already, check out my photos from this year's NYCC. 
I'm hoping to squeeze in one more post for NYCC 2015 before the week's out! 

Thanks for following guys! :)
Hope you have a great start to the week! 


The Heavy Rotation // Vol. 4 - Welcome to My House

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mi casa es su casa... 

I've fallen back into a HOUSE music phase, just in time for all those fall/winter house dance parties!

So here's what I've been jamming to lately...

The House Cleaning Mix
I went IN on cleaning up my room to this mix... It also took a little longer because I was busy dancing, but if you've got a whole day to kill, who's counting the hours? :)

There are tons of House gems on that mix, including this joint: 

House God, Osunlade.
If you want a little Afro spice in your house, bump this hip banging mix.

Both of these House mixes sample a Goldfish song or two (Osunlade used "Call Me" in his mix), which led to my looking to see if they had put out any new music recently and look what I found! ::

It reminds me of my college days playing Guitar Hero :)

Like a 90's Love Song... 
Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" reminds me of Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me"... Those were the good old days.

Highlight Bling
While I hate to admit it, I love to sing along to it... 

Drake FINALLY dropped his video for "Hotline Bling".
The video's not embeddable, but here's the link to the article page that houses it:  

Stay warm music lovers!

till the next set...


The Heavy Rotation // Vol. 3 Disclosure, Gary Clark Jr., Son Little & Drake

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"And I know when that hotline bling...
...that can only mean one thing.

Time for another round of heavily rotating hits in Shanis' playlist - le'go!

I might hate to admit it, but I love to sing along to it. 

As if it wasn't infectious enough... it's been translated in Spanish by Fuego, tagged teamed by Disclosure and Sam Smith and covered by other artists including Jadakiss and Keyshia Cole!

(via Papermag)

EVENT: New York Comic Con x Brooklyn Brewery Team Up to Defend Beer!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oh my...I think I'm in love.
This tall dark and handsome beer-loving superhero has stolen my heart!

Two weeks ago I attended the 4th annual Defender Ale launch party at the Brooklyn Brewery!

This is that time of year where my love for comics and beer collides, and I get to mingle with geeky brewheads like myself!

I wasn't sure anything could top my hype over last year's Afro Heroine, but illustrator Khary Randolph's Defender had me drooling!

And before you go judging... it is perfectly normal to like fictional characters! ( I asked my therapist about it, lol )

And the best part... 

What are the odds that I'd win tickets two years in a row?!

ANYWAYS... here's how it all went down before the win... ( ' 3')/


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This year's AfroPunk Fest was my first and only the second music festival I've ever attended in NYC. 

I think it was also by far one of the best festival experiences I've ever had! The Sunday lineup was incredible (unfortunately I only made it out one day), the food selection was on point and the people... so many beautiful, creative and fun-loving people! That's probably what puts this festival so high up on the list... it was crowded and yet no one spent the entirety of a set pushing and shoving others around them. You could really enjoy the music, sway in rhythm with the songs and rock together in harmony with the rest of the Afropunks. 

(Do I sound like a hippie yet? Yes? Good.) 

Check out some of the photos I managed to snap while I was there: 

Thundercat on the main stage...

I missed out on seeing him perform a few years ago, so I'm so glad I got a chance to see him live this weekend. He was amazing! What a great set to kick off my AfroPunk Fest experience!

The Heavy Rotation // Vol. 2 - Gearing Up For AfroPunk

Saturday, August 22, 2015

When it's good music, is it ever overkill? 
I actually fell asleep to KING's "Hey" on repeat last night... 
...and woke up to it this morning... 

So what have I been up to lately? 

Besides my big (temporary) move out of the city and back to the suburbs, this past week I've been... PREPPING FOR AFRO PUNK!!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile now, you probably already know that I'm a fan of festivals, so it's needless to say that AfroPunk's been on the list for a few years now, and this year I'm FINALLY making it happen. 

Besides making sure that I've got the proper swag... I made sure to create a playlist that'll keep me on point! Check out some of my favorites below: 

GCJ - "Grinder"

Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 26 - From Harlem to Atlanta, A$AP

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"She got an apple bottom that remind you of Bonita 'Bum..."
"Excuse You" A$AP Rocky

So what have I been listening to lately? Well, A$AP Rocky's latest album At. Long. Last. A$AP has been on heavy rotation since I first heard it a few weeks ago. I've got a couple of favorites including "L$D, "Excuse Me," "Holy Ghost" and "Lord Pretty Flaco Jodye 2." Harlem's finest really did his thing on this one. If there was any doubt before, consider it eradicated. A$AP's got my vote (and my iTunes purchase).

A House Party... 

The Heavy Rotation // Vol. 1

Monday, June 8, 2015

Notorious For Killing Songs
Das right! I'm no stranger to the repeat button! 

There's always a new song that I've fallen in love with and feel a need to share, but I don't always remember to include it on the Wednesday Link Up posts or maybe I feel like it deserves a more dedicated space on my blog, so here goes. The Heavy Rotation, a series of blog posts dedicated to all the songs that I play on repeat until my little heart is content. These won't be text heavy posts, but I will include snippets of info where necessary. 

Wait for it... 
The chorus is EVERYTHING in this song. The visuals are pretty damn dope, too.

The French f*ck up.
I just finished watching MadMen this week (/tear) and this song played at the end of one of the final episodes - love, love, love.

Young hearts, run free.
This song fits my life like a glove - at least it helps to dance all the heartsick troubles away!

The Spotlight
This week I'm especially loving me some Leon Bridges.
If you're a fan of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, you'll love this.

Happy Music Monday ya'll! 
Hope you found something on here today that you can add to your daily playlist :) 


Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 25 - My Current YouTube Obsessions

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Wednesday Link Up Post on Wednesday? 
Das Right!~ :) I'm back on track mi gente - Wepa! 

Am I Blue? 

Well, not at this very moment, no, but life's gotten out of control recently, and it's got me feeling a little down in the dumps. Aside from endless hours of Tumblr scrolling and Netflix binge watching, YouTube is my go-to pick-me-up.

So there's no surprise that lately I've consumed a seasoned YouTuber's amount of videos lately.

A few weeks ago, my best friend Wolford Brown put me onto this video - I die laughing pretty much every time I watch it, but my favorite thing to watch is other people's reactions to it. It's always a "WTF AM I WATCHING?!" kinda face and that second-hand embarrassment expression that gets me rolling!

Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 24 - #BeerPorn

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chunky Monkey beer?! 
Okay, so not quite, but we're heading in the right direction! 

Ice Cream Meets Beer 
As long as we're sticking to flavors that make 'sense', I'm loving Ben & Jerry's step into the beer world. I'm a huge fan of Banana Bread Beer, but I can understand the skeptics, because Blue Moon's Horchata Ale is no bueno

Interestingly enough, critics aren't going after the taste, but rather the design of the bottle. (first time I've heard of someone attacking a beer bottle design.) 

They claim it's misleading for children who will wrongfully assume that drinking is a good thing (and it is... after 21!) But my question is, as long as it's not in the ice cream aisle, what's the big deal? Your child shouldn't be in the alcohol section of the bodega anyways (and honestly, I can't imagine it'll be as readily available as I'd like - I might have to go to a distributor to snag a bottle, so...)

That's my initial opinion, but what do you think? Do they have a point? 

MUSIC: Hold Tight, [We're Going On A Trip]

Monday, April 20, 2015

...In Our Favorite Rocket Ship...
I hate to admit that this Lil Einstein's remix is stuck in my head
but before you judge me, see if it doesn't happen to you first.

So, am I the only one this happens to?

I'm listening to an artist, I really like the song that's playing and then when I catch the name I suddenly start to think, "Oh, [so and so #1] has a track by the same name... oh so does [so and so #2]."

This happened the first time I heard Sinkane's 'Hold Tight" a few weeks ago, and it gave me the idea for this post. I figured why not share all the other great "Hold Tight" joints that I love and jam out to on occasion. 

Sinkane will be performing at this year's Sweetlife Festival along with several dozen other great artists! Check out the other artists I featured on my list of '10 Must See' acts of this year's festival.

Also, if you're a big fan of The Black Keys like I am, you might appreciate checking out
Sinkane's "Galley Boys." It reminds me a lot of "These Days."

If you know of a "Hold Tight" track I should add to my list, 
let me know below in the comments! 

Happy Music Monday :) 


MUSIC: My SweetLife Festival 2015 Picks

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Around this time of year, life gets just a little sweeter...

At the peak of the season, Sweetgreen hosts an incredible environmentally conscious, health-focused and fun-loving festival called Sweetlife, and rightfully so, because when you put that combination of things together, that's exactly what you're living.

The festival only gets better every year - chocked full of artists I'm already a huge fan of and others I'm grateful to have been put on to.

This year the festival has expanded to takeover an entire weekend and will feature artists like Kendrick Lamar, Vic Mensa, Allen Stone, Calvin Harris, The Weeknd and SZA -  just to name a few!

So with that said...

...Here's my 'Must See 10' list for 2015's Sweetlife festival:

Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 23 - Pimping Butterflies & Learning Love Through Pain

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe."
- Lao Tzu

Last week in music... 

...the good kidd dropped his highly anticipated LP To Pimp A Butterfly. I've heard each track at least 10 times, and I'm still not sure how to describe my experience other than to say that the first time I heard it all the way through it was unintentional. I was getting ready for work and I figured I could play a few minutes of it as background music, but half way through the first track I sat down and then I barely moved... for an hour... Very rarely is it a MUST to consume whole albums this way, but if you don't listen to it all the way through, in order, at least once, you're doing yourself a disservice. 

Everyone's favorite follow up question is, "What's your favorite track?" ... and it honestly changes everyday. 'King Kunta' is undoubtedly a hit single; expect to hear it on rotation at parties this summer. Kendrick worked his 'Swimming Pools' magic on that one, but right now my go-to's are 'You Ain't Gotta Lie,' 'Hood Politics,' 'Institutionalized' and 'Alright.'

I definitely don't want to forget to mention 'For Sale?''s conversation with 'Lucy' and 'Mortal Man''s easter egg interview with Tupac at the end, which were definitely two of the biggest highlights on the LP, in my opinion.

(And then I remember his OutKast invoking spoken word on 'For Free?' and the pain well executed on 'u' and I'm starting to run into that problem where you can't pick one specific thing because it's all so damn good...)

Let's move on...

Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 22 - Tim Burton Tackles Circus Life & Dr. Marten and Adventure Time Team Up!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What time is it?! 
It's Wednesday Link Up Time! 

Wear adventure on your feet! 
The other day while I was heading to Petco to get some food my guinea babies, I passed by the Dr. Martens shop and caught sight of the Adventure Time boots in the window - SAY WHAT?! Yes, Dr. Martens and Adventure Time have a collab collecction that's ALMOST as amazing as the Sanrio colleciton (but not really, because I would have totally copped myself a pair of the Sanrio joints) STILL it's pretty f*cking awesome! 

More collaboration magic ahead... 

I Aim to Keep Promises Like Kendrick...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Time flies... 
Is it really March already?! 
and where the hell have I been? 

It's been a testing first two months of 2015, but somehow I've managed to survive it all beautifully and with less stress than I would have anticipated - how? I can only thank the holy stars and the power of prayer. 

Before I get all preachy on ya, let me get to it! 

Promise that you will sing about me... 
It's been stuck in my head ALL week. Out of the blue, one day last weekend it just popped into my frontal lobe and never left. I've tried every method of derailing the repeat loop, but nothing has worked, so I submit to the awesomeness (and I could always use the brush up on the lyrics...). 

As if my iphone's shuffle miraculously landing on this song everyday wasn't enough of a sign - today on my headphoneless subway ride to work, I thought I was going out of my mind when I faintly heard the song playing nearby (I mean, it's from 2012!), but sure enough the girl holding the pole right in front of me was bopping her head along to the music. 

It's only right that as a fan I do my part to immortalize this joint and cause fans to dust it off and hit play.

If all goes well... 

I'll be seeing Kendrick Lamar at the Sweetlife Music Festival this year. It'll be my second time witnessing the magic of his Compton-inspired poetry live.  /fingerscrossed!

I'll post more about it next week, but if you're as impatient as I am, check out this year's Sweetlife Fest lineup now.

I'll be back! 


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