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My First 3-Day New York Comic Con Experience

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Missed Meals? Yes. Sleep Deprived? Yes. Broke? Yes.
Was it worth it? OH YEAH!

Just about recovered from the three day adventure that was New York Comic Con 2014.

I could go on and on about how amazing it was, but instead I'll highlight my three favorite moments!

Just call me Babs. 

NYCC, Batgirl, Male Phoenix, Cosplay, Friend, New York Comic Con

This year, I finally followed through with my decision to cosplay! Since my first convention back in 2002, I've been dying to dress up and stroll through the convention halls in style with my fellow nerds, but money or just plain ole self-doubt just always got in the way! This year I made a promise to myself that no matter what the obstacles, I'd give myself the chance to pour out my creativity via cosplay. Despite not being able to get the Batgirl costume I wanted, I was able to pull it off and represent right! It's true what one panelist said at the "So They Said You Shouldn't Cosplay" panel, "For every one negative comment, there are 20 positive ones." People were so supportive, not only at the con, but on social media and even in person on the train/street/etc. Even my mom was excited for my dressing up last weekend! It was a great first experience and I really look forward to stepping up my game for NYCC 2015 ~ Challenge accepted! 

The apple doesn't fall far... thank goodness! 

Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons.

So many parents came out to support their kids and many of them cosplayed with them (big nerds themselves, no doubt). It's just always great to see some real family bonding. Checkout out these amazing group/duo cosplays!~
Bob's Burgers, NYCC, Family, CosplayFather, Son, NYCC, Green Arrow, Cosplay

Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Mother, Daughter, CosplaySteven Universe, Garnet, Cosplay, NYCC, Mother, Son

Panels For Days!

Now, I was never a panel-goer myself before this year, and that was mostly because I placed so much emphasis on spending my money! I thought to myself, "There's no time to listen to people ramble on about _____. I gotta get out there and find something cool to drool about in the comfort of my home and bring to my show-and-tell nerd date with my friends later this week!~" no bueno... Another reason I never stressed the panels - the actual time consumed by being on line to actually get into the events themselves, so if you're only there for a day, it may not seem worth it, but after this year, I will never NOT go to a panel again

New York Comic Con, NYCC, Hip Hop, Panel, Large Professor, Pete Rock, Eric Orr

Although I had at least 10 panels on my NYCC schedule, I only made it out to 3. Still, that's 3 more than I've ever attended, so all things considered, I did pretty good :}

Hip Hop & Comics: Cultures Combining - Eric Orr, Large Professor, Pete Rock were among the guests at this panel that spoke about why hip hop and comics have evolved together and influenced each other.

So They Say You Shouldn't Cosplay - Ivy DoomKitty, Ally Chu and co, spoke about the issue of discrimination faced by many in the geek community. Definitely an uplifting panel about cosplaying regardless of your age, race, gender, etc! The most used phrase that night? 'Just f*cking Do It' 

New York As A Character In Comics - This panel was surprisingly hilarious! It was interesting to hear the panelists go into details about why New York is such a great setting for comics or the origin point for many comic book characters and how the change that's happening in NYC (The DuaneReade-Starbucks-Chase Takeover & Rising Rent Costs) might eventually affect that. 

Anyone else go to NYCC? 
Let me know how you liked it!  

For more photos of NYCC'14, will be on the
UINYC FB page soon! 


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