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Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 19 - Adventure Time Live Action, Afro-DBZ and more!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

(cause let's face it, Thursday doesn't count...I'm hating.)

With my Hulu on the fritz, I've got to find other ways of keeping my geek satisfied, so I watched The Gritty Reboot of Adventure Time. (Wow, a live action that actually looks decent?!) And I mean, Adventure Time was once a lonely webisode on the Tubes of You that got picked up by Cartoon Network, so why couldn't this make it to the big screen? (or am I just delusional from not enough Gotham?) What do you guys think? 

(source: Kotaku)

Also, I don't know about you, but the word "trippy" just doesn't sit well with me when it comes to describing cartoons like Adventure Time and Regular Show... does anyone else feel this way?  These cartoons usually make a lot of sense to me (read: Shanis is crazy. Run NOW!) Check out this article that talks about how Adventure Time is the trippiest show ever. (pfft!)

Moving along... 

How f*cking awesome is this DBZ  Afro-Ball poster

If I wasn't already using all my munny for this weekend's geek affair, I'd definitely toss the $60+ dollars towards snagging myself a copy of this :} trust and believe... trust and believe...
Love the reimagining of all these DBZ characters as women of color; it's like Black Captain America or a female Thor - love, love, love! 

In today's edition of "The Radio Hasn't Died"...
If I haven't said it already, THANK YOU MUSIC GODS. Shazam is a life saver! 

The other day on the radio I actually heard something I liked (can't remember the station - argh!) and Shazam hooked me up with the 411 on the track. I was pretty surprised to see an artist name like Mr. Twin Sister, but f*ck it. Track was too good to just pass up. Really looking forward to exploring more music by this artist.

Let's wrap up this week's Wednesday Link Up 
with a little bit of Kevin Spacey's genius, shall we?

"Just F*cking Do It!" - Frank Underwood Kevin Spacey

Looking forward to sharing pictures from this weekend's con with you guys! 
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\\//( ^__^ )



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