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My First 3-Day New York Comic Con Experience

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Missed Meals? Yes. Sleep Deprived? Yes. Broke? Yes.
Was it worth it? OH YEAH!

Just about recovered from the three day adventure that was New York Comic Con 2014.

I could go on and on about how amazing it was, but instead I'll highlight my three favorite moments!

Just call me Babs. 

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This year, I finally followed through with my decision to cosplay! Since my first convention back in 2002, I've been dying to dress up and stroll through the convention halls in style with my fellow nerds, but money or just plain ole self-doubt just always got in the way! This year I made a promise to myself that no matter what the obstacles, I'd give myself the chance to pour out my creativity via cosplay. Despite not being able to get the Batgirl costume I wanted, I was able to pull it off and represent right! It's true what one panelist said at the "So They Said You Shouldn't Cosplay" panel, "For every one negative comment, there are 20 positive ones." People were so supportive, not only at the con, but on social media and even in person on the train/street/etc. Even my mom was excited for my dressing up last weekend! It was a great first experience and I really look forward to stepping up my game for NYCC 2015 ~ Challenge accepted! 

Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 19 - Adventure Time Live Action, Afro-DBZ and more!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

(cause let's face it, Thursday doesn't count...I'm hating.)

With my Hulu on the fritz, I've got to find other ways of keeping my geek satisfied, so I watched The Gritty Reboot of Adventure Time. (Wow, a live action that actually looks decent?!) And I mean, Adventure Time was once a lonely webisode on the Tubes of You that got picked up by Cartoon Network, so why couldn't this make it to the big screen? (or am I just delusional from not enough Gotham?) What do you guys think? 

(source: Kotaku)

Also, I don't know about you, but the word "trippy" just doesn't sit well with me when it comes to describing cartoons like Adventure Time and Regular Show... does anyone else feel this way?  These cartoons usually make a lot of sense to me (read: Shanis is crazy. Run NOW!) Check out this article that talks about how Adventure Time is the trippiest show ever. (pfft!)

Moving along... 

Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 18 - Making Onigiri, Defending Beer & More!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to another Wednesday Link Up! 
But first, is East New York the new Bushwick?! ... 

But enough about Brooklyn, let's get into Gotham
Last week the show Gotham made it's grand debut, but was it all worth the hype? I would say so... After that awful mess of a show they tried to sell me back in high school, I've been skeptical of any superhero TV series since, so imagine my surprise when Gotham didn't suck. There are so many stories in Gotham that I find it hard to believe directors keep focusing on re-telling the same stories! Why haven't we had some kind of Nightwing movie yet? Batgirl anyone?

A friend of mine insisted it's because people wouldn't be interested in a movie that wasn't about Batman, but I think Gotham is here to prove that theory wrong. Here's a story that involves Bruce Wayne but isn't just about Bruce Wayne. Fans will get the backstory to villains like Poison Ivy, Catwoman and The Riddler (to name a few) and even grow to love new characters like Jada Pinkett's Fish Mooney (I love her!).

Like any good story there's always that first shot that gets the ball rolling and, no surprise, that boom was the murder of Bruce's parents. Some ask "How many times must we see Bruce's parents die?" Considering it's the key ingredient in Batman's story arc, you better get used to it. 

Now that I've poured my fangirl heart out, let's move along!~

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