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WEDNESDAY LINK UP// VOL. 17: Queens of KING, Jennah Bell & More

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's been so long..
that world seems cold... been so long... since I've tru--- Oh Stevie

Time for that weekly brain dump post I call
The Wednesday Link Up!

In all this chaos, I somehow managed to still find time to have a little fun. Last month, I got a chance to witness the magic of KING, this time as they headlined their own little East Coast tour. I even got a chance to speak to all three of the talented muses briefly after the show to congratulate them. (Check out this great DC write up about the trio & their LIVE recording of "Supernatural" for NPR in New Orleans! I will never tire, EVER!)

Opening for the queens of KING was the soulful Jennah Bell. I could go on and on about how amazing she was, but I'd rather let you be the judge.

*(Best version I could find, unless you've got Spotify)*

Since I'm running on a tight schedule this week (I told you it's chaos!), I'm going to give ya'll some good ol' bite-size link ups ~ enjoy! 

Signing off and sending much love - Happy Wednesday!~ 



  1. Sweet Sailor Moon shirt! What costume are you working on? I'm flying out for NYCC so if you see the Capcom booth say hello. :)


    1. WHAAAAAA?! I'M DEFINITELY STOPPING BY TO SEE YOU!! ... Well I was working on getting a Batgirl costume together, but I'm working on Storm now, so I hope to get that all together before the con! If not, ya tu sabes!... WOOHOO! SO EXCITED TO SEE YA! - Can't wait :3


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