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EVENT: NYCC & Brooklyn Brewery's Defender Ale Launch Party

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Perfect Day.

Brooklyn Brewery Defender Party
See more photos from the event on the Urban Inspirations NYC Facebook Page
Despite the hiccups - forgetting my Batman tee at home, getting makeup in my eye and almost losing my fun money - last Wednesday was the best day of 2014 (hands DOWN!)

I hadn't been able to attend last year's event, so I wasn't sure what to expect. A free drink or two, some cake, maybe a few stickers?

Brooklyn Brewery Defender Party Goodies

Instead, right at the door I was greeted with a Brooklyn Defender Pint Glass, a t-shirt, lots and lots of stickers and a raffle ticket. The best part? Guests partook of the FREE libations* for 3 HOURS!

Now, it's not ALL about the beer, but IT IS - I mean, that's what the Brooklyn Defender is all about!

Beers I tried:
  • Sorachi Ace (a Brooklyn Brewery favorite)
  • Oktoberfest ('cause you have to, but nothing really memorable... )
  • Weizenhammer (A Belgian-beer-lover's dream Fall beer AND it's 7.8% - Happy drinking!)
  • Defender Ale (An IPA for all to love - seriously, I'm not a fan of IPAs but THIS ONE is AMAZING! It's like... sorta... um... You definitely have to check this one out for yourself!) 
Amy Reeder at Brooklyn BreweryGarrett Oliver at Brooklyn Brewery

Aside from the free goodies, I met some pretty amazing people including Brooklyn Brewery Brew-Master Garrett Oliver (a nerd himself, he brought his 1974 Thor comic for some show-and-tell) and Amy Reeder, the artist behind the Brooklyn Defender!

Amy and I got to talking at some point early on at the event, and I expressed to her how much it meant for me not only to see a heroine of color, but one who defends beer; it is the ultimate mashup of all my worlds! She introduced me to her friend Vita, who helped her conceptualize the Brooklyn Defender, and from what I hear there's a backstory in the works. Personally, I'm looking forward to learning more about her! Couldn't be a true fan girl without an autograph right? Check out the sketch Amy did for me!!

After I had lost every game of chance with the raffle drawings all night, I held tightly onto my two raffle tickets as Amy drew a number for the last time... (If you follow me on IG, you probably already know :})


After being denied a press pass this year, I made the best of it by snagging some Saturday tickets for me and my main squeezin' sidekick, but now that I have 3-Day tickets there's only one thing to do... 

The first EVER giveaway on my blog!
Stay tuned for more details in the next week! 


*Shout out to my good friend Franklyn who constantly uses the word "libations."


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