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EVENT: New York Comic Con x Brooklyn Brewery Unite to Defend Beer!

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Beer Defending Heroine...Could There Be Anything Cooler?

 I'm so in love right now, and that's an understatement. 

Last year I was unable to attend NYCC, but I was able to snag a Beer Defender glass at the Brooklyn Brewery when I visited for my BFFL's birthday. I was overly hyped THEN, can you imagine how excited I was when I found out I'd be able to attend this year's launch event and that this year's beer defender was a heroine of color?! Overjoyed, as Stevie would say.

This is all the inspiration I need to make sure I get my costume ready in time to strut my stuff at this year's NYCC in full Batgirl attire! 

For more information on the launch event at the Brooklyn Brewery, check out the link below: 

Watch the video below to learn more about the artist Amy Reeder:

Hope to rub elbows with the lot of you at the event!~ 

Hope ya'll are having a safe and amazing Labor Day Weekend! 


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