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LIFE: There's A First Time For Everything.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Never had I ever... 
gone to Coney Island as a beach destination
or worn a two-piece bathing suit in my adult life!
Pop goes that cherry.

Find this swimsuit & others like it at
I rocked the sh*t out of this "fatkini" a few weeks ago, and I like to think that the Shanis of 5 years ago would be so proud. It's been so encouraging to receive such positive feedback on social from strangers, friends and even Gabi Fresh (the brains behind the design)! 

Before I share a bit about my "Coney Experience" I want to say that if you haven't already heard of Gabi Fresh, definitely go check out her blog! Her posts inspire me to continue to stay positive and fabulous no matter what my size! Being a plus size girl most of my life was once something I felt ashamed about, but I've since realized there is no shame in the thick and curvy game! And it's women like Gabi Fresh that really help to reinforce the idea and the image that sexy has no size! So thanks Gabi for continuing to push forward and for designing a fun and flirtatious bathing suit!~ It's definitely become my favorite! 

Coney Island. Home of the Cyclone, the Nathan's Hotdog eating content, the Mermaid Parade and now my new favorite destination for a little time in the sun!

Me and Tamika from The Essence of Me

Having spent high school and college summer beach days out in Robert Moses made me wary of ever planning a trip to the rumored needle-infested and diaper-ridden beaches of NYC, but a few weeks ago I decided to take the "risk" and head on out to Coney Island anyway - I'm so glad I did! :}

It's a quick 30 minute ride from Crown Heights and the food options don't stop at the boardwalk. Empanadas? Churros? Quenepas? They've got it! ("They" meaning the Latinos hustlin' in the sand!) Forgot to bring beer? No worries, beers and nutcrackers are always on deck (just keep'em out of sight from the policia). With a little planning ahead (food wise) and a quick trip to Target for the essentials (towels, lotion, cooler) - a day trip to Coney Island was just what I needed to recharge for the week ahead!

I'm excited to go back! Feels great knowing that the beach no longer requires a trip out to the boondocks, there's access to the sand and ocean right in my good ol' home borough of Brooklyn.

Before I close, I wanna give a shout out to this dude (above), looking fly in his Old Navy summer gear. He holds me down, keeps me sane and supports what UINYC is all about! Thanks moleculez <3

Have a great 4th of July weekend! 
Party hard & be safe! 



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