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Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 14 - Curtis Harding & Doughnuts in NYC

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Despite the sinus congestion brought on by...quien sabe que, it's a happy hump day!

Since I'm a little under the weather, let's kick things off with something sweet: 

Unfortunately last Friday I was unable to participate in the National Doughnut Day festivities, but that didn't stop me from celebrating on Saturday!

(Doughnuts from DOUGH in BedStuy. Brooklyn, NY)
I was first introduced to DOUGH a few months ago and was instantly hooked. I hadn't gone since because it's a bit of trek from my place, a good 20 minute walk, so it was hard convincing anyone to come with and as any sweet addict knows, you never wanna grab a box of doughtnuts alone! My boyfriend was finally up for the challenge this weekend and we got this deadly quartet of dulce de leche, passion fruit, hibiscus &  plain ol' glazed (upper left going clockwise).

Since we couldn't wait to get home (the fat kid duo, we are) we sat on a stoop nearby and scarfed them down! Of course, it was the perfect time to snap a shot... I have a thing for stoops.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend, despite the fact I never got to the ocean :{
Moving on... 

Time for a musical treat! 

Earlier last month I had my first encounter with Curtis Harding, via his debut LP Soul Power. Holy Canoli was it good! Not only did I listen to the WHOLE album, I went ahead and googled his a*s and booked myself tickets to his NYC show! As it happens the show fell on the day I was feeling the ickiest (runny nose, sinus headaches, itchy throat, watery eyes - you name it, I got it!) but I was determined to go, so last night I trekked it to the Lower East Side's Mercury Lounge and treated myself to 40 minutes of good soulful music!

Musical Fun Facts: Curtis has written songs for Cee-Lo Green, is originally from Michigan & is a Gemini! (Gotta love my creative air signs... yes, I'm into horoscopes, don't judge me).

Read more about him and Soul Power in this SPIN magazine Q&A - Since "Next Time" is both Curtis' favorite and mine, I figured I'd start ya'll off with that one.

"Keep On Shining" is another great one; actually it's the lead single off the album. 

Unsurprisingly enough the single is available as a 45 and the LP's also available on (colored) vinyl AND cassette tape! (Yes you read correctly, time to dust off that Walkman and put it some good use!)

Before I go I want to make sure I say: 
Happy Birthday Curtis!
I may be a newbie fan, but I'm a loyal one, so "keep on shining"! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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