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MUSIC/EVENT: Sweetlife Music & Food Festival 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Three weeks ago I was part of this electric crowd - equal parts food and music lovers!

There are bodies as far as the eye can see, and this isn't even HALF of the attendees OR the main stage crowd. Usually people attend these festivals more for the headliners, but surprisingly this year I was all about the Treehouse Stage performances by: St. Lucia, Capitial Cities & Chromeo!

(photo: Joshua Cogan/Sweetlife)
Check out Urban Inspirations NYC's photos from the festival on Facebook now! 
St. Lucia was up first.

I'll start off by saying that I loved, loved, loved St. Lucia's flower print button up! 

I knew little about St. Lucia before I found out they were playing at this year's Sweetlife festival, so here are a few things I learned about them: 
  • St. Lucia is the name of the musician NOT the band.
  • Jean-Phillip Grobler (St. Lucia) is from South Africa, but is a Brooklyn-based artist (Represent!)
  • "September" (Alex Metric Mix) & "The Old House is Gone" are two of my favorite St. Lucia songs! 
If you're a fan of Passion Pit and Pheonix then you'll definitely love St. Lucia! 
(photo: Joshua Cogan/Sweetlife)
(photo: Joshua Cogan/Sweetlife)
It was aesthetically pleasing to see the band coordinate the flower theme so well and in their own different way! 

Up next, Capital Cities.

The LA duo really rocked the Treehouse stage! 

There's nothing like LIVE music, I'm talking band live. That saxophone player peter-pipered us all! By the end of the set the band had the lot of us taking off our shirts and twirling them overhead Petey-Pablo-helicopter style! 

I have to admit, I was really feeling "Safe and Sound" when I first heard it last year, BUT "Kangaroo Court" was a different story (I became the cool kid when I recognized it a BBQ recently /score!) The more I learn about Capital Cities, the more I love them. Did you know that Ryan and Sebu met via Craigslist? Or that they worked on commercial jingles together before they began their music career as Capital Cities?

One thing's for sure, next time they drop some new music, I won't be so quick to sleep on them! 

Last, but not least, Chromeo.

Their performance was a mesmerizing electro-funk lights show!

When the sun goes down, the lights on the stage become the festival sun and suddenly there's an air of intimacy. At some point, I became blissfully unaware of all the shoving I was enduring - too busy swaying, clapping and jumping along. The Montreal duo's excitement was infectious and it's no wonder; just a few days after the show, their 4th studio album (White Women) dropped. Featured on the LP is fellow Sweetlife Fest performer, Solange ("Lost On The Way Home"). 

 Chromeo gave us a truly genuine performance. You could see their personalities shine through - whether it was ripping it on the guitar or breaking it down on the synthesizer. 

Love 80's new wave? Fan of Random Access Memories? Don't miss out on watching Chromeo LIVE!

In conclusion, I can't WAIT till next year's Sweetlife Music and Food Festival 2015! 

For more information check out the Sweetlife Festival Official Site or follow them on Facebook for updates on next year's lineup and early bird access to tickets! 

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