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Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 11

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Can we just pretend I didn't miss last week's Wednesday Link Up? :}
Just happy thoughts on this week's Wednesday Link Up!

Music makes you lose control!
Could it be? Am I actually excited about American music?! I've actually gone ahead and started a Spring/Summer 2014 playlist on Spotify and there are NEW songs in the queue. What are the singles that I'm currently gushing over? 
So far, so good America ;} 

More Wednesday Link Up Goodness?! Mmhmm. 

With another big move coming up this Summer, Spring Cleaning is essential! Figuring out what I'd donate was hard, but luckily this rule* helped a million during the process. I believe everything in your closet should be of use to you at some point during the year.

I'm currently looking for a specific women's shelter to donate my clothes to, but here's another option I might consider if that fails:
  • GrowNYC - what makes this place unique is that they don't limit your donations to clothing and shoes; they also accept linens (sheets, towels, curtains) and any other textiles (fabrics) that are at least 36" x 36" (3 ft. x 3 ft.), belts and handbags. Unusable scraps get recycled - so nothing goes to waste. They also have information on Clothing Swap events, so you can replace what you "lose." 
If I were sticking around in my current apartment building, I'd inquire about one of these NYC Wasteless x Housing Works donation bins. They make a good point, New Yorkers probably don't donate as much as they should because of the convenience (read: inconvenience) factor. Hope that in the future more of these are set up in NYC apartment buildings by default. 

*How to know it's time to let go - if you haven't worn it in over a year,** it's time to let go! 

**If you haven't worn it in over a year and want to hold on because you might lose weight, but aren't doing anything to lose weight, it's time to let go. (I know this from experience). 

Bite-size links! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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