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The Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 10

Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's that time of the week... 
Time to hook ya up; let it rain links! 

For the love of food... 
Cinco de mayo may be over but it's always a good time for a margarita. Switch up from the usual and try out this Tropical Mango Papaya Margarita recipe! ( I can't remember the last time I ate papaya, but this should get the ball rolling again ;} )

Anyone who knows me well has shared a meal or five with me, and they've witnessed my love for spicy foods ( right now my dreams are of hot pepper soup and fufuo ~ nom nom nom! ) So there's no surprise I'm a fan of sriracha and this sriracha graphic tee! It'll go great with the rest of my food-related clothing (thanks Pyknic!).

Speaking of fandom and love (turned obsession), two and a half weeks ago, I started watching Game of Thrones (yes, I know, FINALLY) and a lot of my friends expressed concern for my ability to catch up in time (Do they REALLY know me?). My boyfriend and I are so hooked, that we've already made it to Season 3! (Yeah b*tches!) ... Anyway, as most of my friends have guessed Khalessi is easily one of my favorite characters, so I was Comic-con-fan excited about this Khaleesi inspired burger I read about on adweek. (My "To Eat" list is quickly growing!) 

Rolling along, here's a Planters commercial that made me giggle (more than it probably should). Looks like Planters is stepping it up a notch in the peanut department, and it might just work to get me to go to the store and grab a can for the office.

Wrapping up this post without breaking theme!

This week I volunteered at The Village Voice Choice Streets 3rd Annual Food Truck Event. It was a great experience working with other food (& beer) lovers! I met some interesting people and sampled some amazing food. Did you know there's a pupusa food truck? WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! I got paired up with the fellas from ToumNYC (Lebanese Food); check out the site and track the truck to try out their chicken shawarma (soooo good!) Despite how exhausting long my day was volunteering for 5 hours after a full work day, a free ticket to this year's Brooklyn Pour in September makes it all worthwhile!~

Till next hump day...
Happy Belated Wednesday! 

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