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The Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 9

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcome to the Wednesday Link Up
It's been too long...

This past weekend, I was out and about with family and hosting sleepovers with my siblings. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the Cat Cafe Pop-up Shop. If like me you were caught up, lazy or just downright uninformed, never fear! You can always sneak a peek at what it was like below, without having to wait on that long line!
(Heard about it on Gothamist.)

The NYC housing market is a MESS! UHaul trucks make a weekly appearance around these parts (mostly people moving out) - "The Rent is Too Damn High!" (truer words were never spoken...) With the price of even closet sized apartments starting at $1,000, this Tiny House Project is looking better and better by the minute!

Now that we're done with the amazing and practical let's move on to the ridiculous and indulgent...
(Click below to read more!)
Earlier last week I ran across this White Castle Candle on amazon - Yes, a WHITE CASTLE CANDLE!
I'm not sure about you guys,  but I can't stand the smell of food in candle form, then again, I've only sniffed the sweet ones; still, I just can't see this working it's way into my life in any productivity way - either it's going to make me unnecessarily crave or throw up.

Moving onto more pleasant thoughts of food... I'm thinking of taking a trip to Philly soon and this brunch list is coming with! 10 Hottest New Brunches in Philadelphia.

Let's slip into a less food oriented topic  (I'm making myself hungry! guuuu~)

Check out the world's first attempt to extensively record the Spectrum of Human Skin Tones!
I spent a good 15 minutes going through photos when I come across this project. I'm obsessed with the idea I wanna get my pantone number, where do I sign up?

Let's finish off with a little trailer action for Orange is the new Black!
I can not wait till this comes back!

In the meantime I'll be binge watching Game of Thrones on my big brother's HBO GO account :}

Happy Wednesday! 


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