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MUSIC MONDAY: "Dive Deep" into Tiaan's Debut Single!

Monday, April 21, 2014

"...TIAAN takes the adventurous spirit of Timbaland-era Aaliyah, the classy soul of Sade, and the futuristic feel of Jessie Ware, and blends them into a beguiling hybrid of seductive pop."
(via Facebook)

Timbaland-era Aaliyah? No kidding!

I know nothing about this talented Australian beauty but I'm already on board and ready for her next single!

I've made it an almost daily habit to rummage around the "New Releases" section on Spotify and look for the most intriguing cover, when and if I can't find any familiar names. I'm so happy I clicked on this!

It's going to be 60 all week ~ so have fun with this one kids!

Happy Monday

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