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The Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 6

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Wednesday! 
This 55 degree weather's got us jumping over Spring and right into Summer dreaming. 

That reminds me, Summerstage is already adding to it's 2014 lineup. Bookmark it, it'll be a great go-to in a few weeks and you'll want to have first dibs on your favorites! 

Want to kickstart this Link Up post with a picture of me at the playground a few Saturdays ago. I trekked it all the way to Downtown Bklyn from the Heights (Crown Heights), and this playground caught my eye. 
Playground fun

Mostly because of these awesome chairs!~ 
Playground colorful

Now to the linkup portion of our program, served up in bite size one-liners - Enjoy!~ 

Last but not least:

1 comment:

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