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Belated Wednesday Link Up // Vol. 7

Monday, March 24, 2014

Last week I might missed the usual linkup deadline (Wednesday)... oops.

Will a Free Draft Beer smooth things over? 
I thought so ;}

Before I begin, I'd just like to say that if camping looked like this (below)...
/le sigh - I need want a bag from this Herschel Supply Co x Liberty of London collab collection!
Herschel Supply Co London Liberty
Check out WTF Honestly for more info on the collection and browse around for other great finds!~

Let's begin!~
I've been busy checking off to-do's and haven't had the chance to see all that Table Hopping NY has to offer, but weekly freebies in the mail (for the past two weeks) gets a "so far, so good" from me! I learned about the site last week when Brokelyn posted up the Free Ice Cream coupon ( ... it's expired now). 

But cheer up, free ice cream coupons mean businesses deem it warm enough to start enticing people to leave their houses via the promise of icy treats!~

If any of you were lucky enough you partook of the Holi parade in Richmond Hill, Queens earlier this month - but if you're like me, you missed it. Never fear, NYC has a way of making any time of the year appropriate for celebrating your favorite holidays! For $20, you can throw colored powder on each other and dance the day away (in JULY). It's a ways away, but f*ck it! Now you'll have cool Holi pictures to show all your Facebook friends just how awesomely diverse you are ;} Click & learn more about the Festival of Colors!

Fun-size linkups:

Speaking of Facebook, check out the page for Urban Inspirations NYC on FB

Happy Monday!
Cute Brooklyn Japan
If I hadn't taken the pic in Bklyn myself, I would have sworn this was Japan! Love this lil fella! 

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