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MUSIC: Michael Kiwanuka & Jack White Collab

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A four day week ALWAYS feels longer than it is, but the first full week after drags on like nobody's business, which might begin to answer the question, "How the f*ck is it still Tuesday?" 

When I'm in this kinda funky mood (thanks polar vortex!) I like to put on some good soulful music and who better to unwind to than Michael? I've been playing his latest single "You've Got Nothing To Lose," produced by Jack White (*fan girl scream!*), on repeat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they work on a whole album together because this sound is a winner! (source: RollingStone)

Of course today's playlist wouldn't be complete without a little Kwabs in the mix!~ 
This is my favorite track off his recently released 4 track EP, Right or Wrong - Instant replay! 

Good music = great mood! Happy almost Wednesday! :}

Wednesday Link Up: Rain, Stirfry, Tainted Love & more!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Welcome to another Wednesday Link Up post! :}

This past week's been an uphill battle. It's been tough attempting to run full speed with sinus congestions, headaches, mild fevers and a sore throat - in other words, I'm in denial about having the flu. It's in times like these having an arsenal of "awwww moment" videos comes in handy!

I'll kick things off with this video of a little girl experiencing rain for the first time - always a good one to (re)watch. Not all of us are made the same, so if 2 min 30 sec of a baby laughing isn't your #1 choice and you're a little more techy, here's a video of a chorus of floppy drives programmed to play "Tainted Love."
Speaking of choruses, have you guys seen the chorus of Russian policemen performing "Happy?"

The Wednesday Link Up

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I didn't get around to posting a Wednesday link up last week (Birthday haitus!), but this week we're back in action! :) Let's go!

To start how about a Cooking Mama and Hannibal mashup t-shirt! With the second season of NBC's Hannibal series right around the corner, this is the perfect shirt to rock on the night of the premiere! Speaking of charming manipulator and mind games, check out this rice experiment that shows that your thoughts can actually alter the physical world! I might just try this out myself! But if you're more of a observer, check out this YouTube video of someone else's experiment (and here's one debunking it!).

As for what's on my playlist, Spotify recommended some Funky DL, and it was a welcomed break from my current obsession - cafe jazz. Looking for some lyrics? Try putting on (Common's) "Nag Champa"for a smooth head-bopping vibe.

Everyone asked me what I did on my birthday and the answer is - RELAX! 
(Pedicure, Shopping and Sushi to be exact ;})

On Saturday, I invited my friends to party with me at Mister H in SoHo. 
Thanks to my Klout Perk, I was able to set up my event with the help of Host Committee
(Special thanks to Carli and Sara ~ Thanks ladies!)

I finally got a chance to rock my green lace Ivanka Trump dress - an amazing steal off ideeli!
And rocked it with a sexy pair of Black & Gold Jessica Simpson heels!~ 

And last but not least, on my birthday I finally got my first Kate Spade bag! I haven't had a chance to snap a photo rocking it, but the picture below does it justice :} 

Happy February! 

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