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FOOD: Filipino chowdown at Papa's Kitchen

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Papa's Kitchen is a hole-in-the-wall gem filled with the delicious smells of homecooked Filipino cuisine. Last Saturday my friends and I decided to grab a bite and being the adventurous man he is, Sugarbear Jackson took to yelp to find us some inexpensive yet bomb a*s food! 

Boy, am I happy :} 

This BYOB spot's got all the right things! Great service - I'm talking menu rundown and full explanations, recommendations, accommodations - any more -ations? 
The food's AMAZING! And a lot of it reminded me of South American (Ecuadorian) dishes that I grew up eating. Oh and did I mention that they have Karaoke? After you finish off a six-pack with your friends, it hits the spot! - Anyone up for a little Ricky Martin?

It's just a few blocks from the 7 train's 69th st. stop, so if you're in midtown or reside along the 7, there's NO EXCUSE not to check this spot out! 

More photos* of tour experience below - Enjoy!~ 

*I'm testing out a new camera (trying not to iPhone it all the time) so please, bare with me :) 
Appetizer: Dynamite (Spring Rolls)
SgrbrJcksn on the mic! 
kare-kare (beef & beef tripe in peanut sauce), daing na bangus (friend milkfish), chicken adobo

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