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TECH: LINE Camera App = Christmas Fun Photos!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last night I downloaded the LINE Camera App which was recommended to me either on LINE itself or somewhere in the App Store. I'm a sucker for free camera apps, so I went ahead and downloaded it to check it out for myself. I haven't been able to stop!~ I took pictures (I already had) of all the animals I know and made cute little Christmas card-like images of them! 

This is a perfect way of making a Christmas card on the go if you don't really have time to take the perfect holiday picture or if you can't find time to go online and search through hundreds of layouts and such. I made two of these on the train ride to work!!  

I'm thinking of getting the one of Nestle and Mr. Cadbury (my guinea piggies) printed as holiday cards!

Instagram Tip: If you're going to use LINE Camera to make images for Instagram, make sure to set the ratio of the crop 1:1 so that Instagram doesn't cut out any of your amazing creation in the transfer over!

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