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LIFE: Wrap it up!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Things you used to do in college that you don't do anymore... 
Decorate your [front] door with wrapping paper! 

Living in NYC is expensive and it's no surprise that most of us here don't own - we rent.
Elevators aren't mandatory, doormen even less so and cheerful decorum? - hahahahahahaha! 
So, you really have to take charge and spice up your life :) 
Make coming home more exciting even before you walk through the front door! 

My roommate and I threw a party this past weekend, and I thought it'd be real exciting for the guests to get into the holiday spirit from the moment they walk into the apartment. It's amazing how a $8 investment can really liven things up. I loved the way this turned out, and the wreath my roommate made really popped against the red! 

It's always the little things :) ~ How do you guys get yourselves into the holiday spirit?
What are ways that you guys spice up your everyday activities?

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