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LIFE: Making Christmas!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The countdown has officially begun! In a little over three weeks I'll be celebrating Christmas 2013 with the family. The year feels like it flew by, but when I look back to where I was last year I see all the amazing progress that I've made and all the hard work seems that much more worth it!~ :}

Before I dive into anything else I just want to highlight my awesome find first!
While on Google searching for Uncle Grandpa memes (don't ask... ) I found these awesome images featuring Pizza Steve (Uncle G character) and I clicked through to the source and hit the mother load of awesome!

Nina Levy is a mother of two that takes "napkin lunchbox notes" to a whole other level!
Definitely check out her blogspot and Facebook page! This is pretty f*cking dope (excuse the language)!

Artwork by Nina Levy ( source: Daily Napkins)
With 22 days left until the big day I'm quickly assembling my present pile and since my gifts will have to be a bit smaller than usually I wanted to try and up my gift wrapping game. I've been watching YouTube videos on different styles of wrapping and bow making.

Here's one I'm going to keep as creative arsenal :}

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