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LIFE: The Interborough Playdate

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Was so excited to finally get a chance to hang out one-on-one with my girlfriend yesterday. It was a much needed ladies day out! First we hit up the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg for some browsing pleasure - I can see how someone could easily go through 4-5 hours of their day shopping around in there. The food court alone is a maze of delicious smells! Before heading out, we made sure to stop by and take some pictures - Christmas sweaters, lights, hats and all!~ 

Then we headed on over to the Lower East Side to check out what all the hype about Otto's Tacos was all about.  (I'm about to drool just thinking about it... ) Between my girlfriend and I, we got to try out four of the six tacos they offer - Carnitas (Pork), Chicken, Mushroom and Shrimp. Let me just say that what really makes these tacos stand apart from others I've tasted is at the foundation - the tortillas that are used are all handmade (right there, in yo face!) and are oh so tasty! Nothing is greasy and everything is cooked to tender perfection. My only complaint is that there's no bathroom !! :{ Since tacos are eaten with your hands (usually) it'd be nice to have a place to sanitize my hands. I'd recommend bringing a bottle of hand sanitizer with you. But overall, I'm marking it down as a successful discovery! 

Fueled with taco goodness, we were energized enough to both find some great dresses on sale at MACY*S and Banana Republic! 

Shopping Tip: If you're on a budget, (Hello!) start your shopping from the BACK of the store. Most sales racks are housed there, and there are often GREAT finds that are more affordable! ;} 

Oh! And here's a picture of me and the infamous Astor Place cube - I was getting my Superman on!

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