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MUSIC: Choklate & Kwabs

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall is here, and if these mustard colored leaves outside my window aren't enough to convince you, the icy breeze will! ~ Sometime in the last two weeks we hit the low 30's and that officially marked the beginning of "cuffing season," and with it comes the cute layered outfits and the cuddle-worthy sexy time music :}

If you haven't already, check out these artists below and make sure to add them to your "in the groove" mixes!~ ;} You'll be glad you did.

First up, Choklate's "Carbon Copy." (via SoulBounce)
I've checked out the rest of her 2012 Fly EP and it's definitely worth the iTunes splurge.

Next is Kwabs (short for Kwabena Adejpong) :} "Perfect Ruin." (via okayafrica)
Another amazing British artist to add to my rapidly growing list!

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