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FOOD: It's October! Time for Bier!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hoppy October everyone! Beer festivals are popping up left and right and us beer aficionados couldn't be any happier!~
"Got Beer?" Shanis circa 2011
My love with beer began sometime in my second year of college. Although most of my friends dubbed it "Mexican piss water" - Corona will always be my first beer love. (Proud of it! - Squeeze a slice of lime in a chilled bottle and taste heaven.) As a college student, I felt the only thing I had to know about beer was which ones were drinkable (Corona, Heineken, Guiness) and which were meant for drunken frat boys and beer pong (steel reserve, keystone light, etc).

Things quickly changed after I graduated and mingled with real world adults; I suddenly found myself drowning in a sea of brewery names and beer types I had never heard of (IPA? Stout? Lager? Pilsner? Ale? - Say what?). And that's when I realized that I needed to step up my beer game. I went on to try all different kinds of beers.

Since my visit to the Brooklyn Brewery earlier this year, I've been determined to visit more local breweries and try to attend the myriad of New York based beer festivals.

The (growing) list of Fall bier events kicks off this weekend! Check it out below! ~

The Village Voice Brooklyn Pour
It's this Saturday October 12th 3-6PM in Fort Greene (Brooklyn) at the original Williamsburg Savings Bank (Sweet!~)

General Admission tickets are $50 - for a chance at sampling over 100 brews, that's a deal! It includes a souvenir cup, music, access to delicious food vendors and admission to beer talks - ranging from Beer Photography to Urban Homebrewing to Beer + Technology!~ Super excited!

Girl's Pint Out NYC Inaugural Event
Just the other day, as I was complaining about how sad I was that so few females I know enjoy beer like I do, I came across the Brooklyn Brewery's tweet about the event happening on October 21st. Not only is it it the celebration a kickoff of GPO's NYC chapter, but there'll be ladies who work in the brewing business present to talk about working in the industry. And if that wasn't enough - the event is also the 8th birthday of Hollaback! - a nonprofit organization dedicated to cracking down on street harassment by using the aid of digital technology (<-- this is so kick a*s!)

Tickets are $35! For a night of beer, pretzels & cake - that's a bargain!

NYC Craft Beer Festival
Although this Festival's not until the end of next month, it's worth to note that the ticket volume has decreased, and although there will be three separate sessions (two on Saturday November 23rd and one on Sunday November 24th), it'd probably be best to try and snag your tickets sometime before the end of this month! :}

Ticket prices range from ($49-$135*)
*Note: there are early bird ticket specials and different packages!
I will say that the Connoisseur tickets are extremely tempting - an extra hour of sampling, free food, an exclusive lounge area, a "fast check out" line and music?! :} I just might break the piggy bank for this one!~

Cheers! And may you all have a wonderful (beer-filled) Fall! ~ :}

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