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LIFE: Own Your Happiness!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hands down, 2013 kicks ass in terms of most productive year so far in my adult life. 
That's not to say that any of my triumphs came without hardship, but I'm already looking back at this year and thinking "Oh man, I did that? Sweet!" 
And there's nothing wrong with a doing a little victory dance every now and then in your honor! (*cue FF7 victory music!*) 

Own Your Happiness! 

All things walk a fine line, it's all about how they're done. 
For example, knowing how to talk positively about yourself is a great skill to have, I mean, afterall that's what a good job interview requires, but humbly so and in the right setting or else you're just a narcissist. See what I mean? 

So make sure you take the time to remind yourself of your blessings, don't be ashamed of finding yourself at a high point and invite your friends to celebrate and partake of your beautiful life!

On a similar tip, this song's got all the right kind of vibes ~ :}

Discovered this song at work. So lucky to have co-workers with such great music tastes!

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