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FASHION: November Rain

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Valuable life lesson number #45: Be proactive, not reactive. 

In life, there are the actions we take in reaction to a situation (i.e. buying a shitty $5 umbrella from some man on the corner during a "sudden" thunderstorm) and actions we take in preparation for certain situations. Now, while we can't be prepared for everything in life, it's good to eliminate running into certain situations (read: soaked socks) whenever possible.

In other words, this Fall I promised myself I would save up and get a decent pair of rain boots, so that I won't have to walk home in squishy wet socks ever again... (this has happened more than it should - the shame)

The other day while perusing the Fall edition of InStyle I came across Rag & Bone x Hunter rain boots. Now, I've always considered a pair of Hunter boots but I've never been thoroughly convinced I should own a pair or that the money was even worth it. This collaboration, however, has got me SOLD.

The equestrian style, the slanted opening, the two toned boot overall and let's not forget my favorite feature, the side zipper, which eliminates the horror of having to pull the boots up over my jeans, calves, etc.

While the price isn't necessarily my cup of tea ($265-$295 a pair) they seem to be worth the investment, and this time, not only for their quality but also their style. (I heard great things about Hunter, like "They don't make your feet sweat!" & that's quite the plus!)

Gonna wrap things up with the song that inspired the title of this blog post! (Bringing ya back to 1992! ;})

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