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FOOD: Beware! Thug[ette] At Work In The Kitchen!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last month I stumbled upon which has got to be my new favorite website of the season! Not only are the recipes vegetarian/vegan (which helps to up the number of dishes I can now make for all my herbivore friends - yay!!), but they involve the highest level of profanity and sass that I have ever seen on a legit cooking website (I love it!!).

I first saw a post on Tumblr months ago talking about the health benefits of tomatoes, laughed and moved on.

But when I discovered there was a website I spent almost an hour drooling and laughing hysterically. I made sure to ping every one of my friends about it! Thug Kitchen is even coming out with a cook book this Fall!! (HINT HINT HINT HINT my lovely friends :} christmas present? ;3)

Tonight I'm taking my first crack at one of the recipes! Smokey Bean & Spinach Sliders

If all goes well, I'm planning on having these at the next big family BBQ! 

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