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LIFE/TRAVEL: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Here I Come!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's been SIX long years since I've stepped foot on the island of Hispaniola. I didn't really think much about its absence in my life, until after I stepped out of the college womb - with no more summer vacations, I longed for days without cellphone reception, wifi ... even electricity! I missed the early morning rooster alarms and local produce stands. Did I mention the smell of the ocean? People who collectively value the quality of life more than the quantity of the sh*t they own.

Yes, back "home" life is good and detoxifying (don't get me wrong, I love my city...).

Yesterday Jetblue had a CRAZY sale on roundtrip flights out of New York - with the resources to go and my spontaneous nature, it was inevitable that I'd book myself a trip to San Juan ASAP. It's not Hispaniola, but any ol' Caribbean island will do at this point (and hey, it's PUERTO RICO!)

So, just like that, I'm breaking the hiatus and this time tomorrow I'll be in the Antilles. (If only you could hear my inner screams of joy!)

I'll do my best to post up videos and photos from my trip in close to real time! :}

In a related note, congratulations to El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico that's celebrating their 50 year anniversary this year! And in honor of this heat wave, I'll leave you with this...


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