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EVENT: First Annual AfroLatino Fesitval of New York

Sunday, June 16, 2013

June's been packed full of amazing events so far and I'm excited that this will be the event to wrap up the month. 

Most people go through their journey of self discovery and identity search through high school and college, but I figured I had solved mine by simply assuming that by defining yourself you brought trouble, that it was better to just be open and be - be everything and have no definition. 

I was wrong. 

Not only will I forever be defined by others (with whom I do and don't come into contact with) but definition is not always a bad thing and as long as understanding that definitions should never hinder growth, I think they're quite useful. So I've spent a lot of time the past 2 years learning more about who I am as an individual and as a product of the cultures that influenced my childhood (American & Latino - both Ecuadorian and Dominican). Digging deeper into my roots has helped me to define myself in a way I'm comfortable and proud. I am AfroLatina. 

With that said I look forward to celebrating afrolatinidad with others! :} 
It's gonna be a good ol' time! 

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