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ART: DIY handbag upgrade !

Thursday, June 13, 2013

With most of the post-move craziness out of the way, I was FINALLY able to start up this little project that I've had in mind for some time. 

Around my way there are so many African clothing shops, so I hit up the one on my block and picked out this beautiful pattern to customize my bag. 

This isn't a tutorial, but I wanted to share with you guys pictures of the progress and the final result! 

I'm so excited with the way this turned out - if you have inexpensive bags whose handles are breaking/ripping/dirty/etc this is a stylish way to patch it up. Or if you're just looking for a way to add a little extra flavor :} 
I'll be posting up a OOTD picture on my instagram soon so be on the lookout!



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