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MUSIC: The Lauryn Hill Focus.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Last Friday Lauryn Hill dropped a new track, which of course was refreshingly critical in spitfire fashion. But you wouldn't have much of a chance to direct your focus in that direction, what with all the tabloid-like focus on Hill's three month sentence for tax evasion. ( Can we please get back to the music? )

All over the interwebs, people (individuals or groups, take that as you will) are "celebrating" her return. It's certainly been interesting to see the "how."

Perez Hilton does nothing to actually review the song in his insultingly short article titled:
Lauryn Hill's Angry New Single Couldn't Save Her From Jail! Hear Neurotic Society HERE!
 And then goes on to add this tidbit:
"We're happy Lauryn is back blasting bad-ass new tunes, but it doesn't sound like any of those lyrics are coming from a place of love...It sounds she just recorded the track for some quick cash, hoping she'd be able to pay back Uncle Sam by crunch time and avoid jail!"
Since when is music expected to come solely from a "place of love"? Save the hippie bullsh*t for someone else Perez. ( Breathe, breathe, breathe.) I guess it's only disappointing if I actually expected something from him.

Luckily we've got articles like the one on MTV News that actually digests Lauryn's song and goes beyond the "copy-n-paste, add tabloid headline" angle.  In it James Montgomery writes:
"So, yes, Hill was coerced into releasing the song, either by her new label, her legal woes, or both. But as she's proven time and time again, if folks are going to force her hand, well, she's going to give them the finger...
 But if you think Hill's concerned with that, well, you haven't been paying attention. Like she said in her note, "Neurotic Society" was also released in memory of her former labelmate Chris Kelly who succumbed to the societal ills she's vivisecting on the track...
More importantly, the song's sonic and lyrical heft remind us that Hill is a positively vital artist, the kind of mercurial talent capable of disappearing for a decade, then re-emerging to serve notice that she's been watching us all along, and she doesn't like what she's seen. If she has to play the game, she's going to do it on her terms, by her rules. Don't try to fit her into a box, because she's just not going to fit."
Not that I've touched on that piece, let's get back to the music, "commercial-free"! 

MLH's New Joint. 

A recent favorite. Although it's an older track, its message remains relevant.
"Knowing my condition is the reason I must change. What you see is what you get and you've seen nothing yet."

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