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FASHION: H&M Features Size 12 Model In New Ads

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jennie Runk - size 12 model for H&M

I'm not sure this deserves any kind of major applause or award (more like an "about damn time!") but it certainly shouldn't go unnoticed. I'm glad that H&M is finally planning to incorporate an averaged sized model into the advertising campaign of its Summer collection.

As a lady who tends to shop among the double digits it's exciting to see brands (besides Torrid, Lane Bryant & other plus size labels) actually acknowledging and embracing the beauty of their other consumers. What bothered me, however, were H&M's responses to comments about their decision.
However, brand reps seem to be downplaying Runk's body type by saying she was simply the best pick for the ads. "Our aim is not to convey a certain message or show an ideal," H&M spokeswoman Jennifer Ward tells, "but to find a model who can illustrate this collection in an inspiring and clear way." More photos below.
I'm not sure I understand what Jennifer Ward means, were they NOT able to find ANY OTHER average size model, before now, that could represent the brand or any of their previous collections the way they envisioned?

Sounds like they don't want to admit that before now they've been discriminating in the way they've represented themselves.

What do you think?

(source: Adweek)

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