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EVENT: NYC International Auto Show

Saturday, April 6, 2013

It Saturday! Beautiful sunny skies here in NYC! ¡Levantate mi gente! Time to get up and get out!

This post is a photo dump of my visit to the International Auto Show - going on now though April 7th at the Javitz Center. The shiny car browsing and people watching are definitely worth the $15 dollars.

Yes, people watching - I can't tell you how many people I saw all dressed up de gala just to come out to this and take pictures on the motorcycles and inside/outside the cars. People are changing facebook profile pictures this week mi gente, so beware. Jeje.

Enjoy the fotos!

A taxi?! Jaja, I guess. I mean, this is the yellow cab city.

Nissan, I didn't know you went hard like this... lemme find out ;}

I fell IN LOVE with the purple challenger, thoughts of him still make my heart beat faster (le sigh), but I haven't broken up with my love for Mustangs just yet. That blue boy's got the cutest fog lights :}

(Yes I use "cute" when talking about cars. 
Despite my tomboy demeanor I'm still a pretty in pink kinda gal.)

This Rolls Royce costs something like $518,000 - the older gentleman next to me says "You can buy a house with that..." and I think "Why do you need a house? You could probably live IN it."

Yellow two seater porsche? Sure, why not ;}

"Lift the suicide doors up... "

Isn't he beautiful? I swoon! 

I found myself putting mental check marks next to every convertible two seater - 
the brighter the color, the better >:}

This Lamburghini looks like a damn batmobile! 

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