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ART/EVENT: Hats for high buns

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friday night I was the guest of the lovely Miss Browne of Pop O Matic Deluxe  at the National Arts Club event.  My closet's not the most vintage heavy, so often I find it a bit daunting to have to rummage through the few articles I have and then try to put a decent outfit together. I rocked my handy dandy Mad Men Collection dress (insta-save!), some floral stockings and black oxford shoes (I was being lazy and opting for the flats).

Of course I'm even more at a loss when it comes to vintage accessories, and I don't really own a hat. Throw my usual high bun in the mix and I was sure I'd be the only one at the event "bald." I step in, get asked to try on a hat and take a picture. As I'm looking around a small collage of silver feathers and flowers catches my eye. I'm thinking "I can rock this side piece looking thing."

They're called "fascinators" and are PERFECT for a chick who often goes for the tall bun look for formal events. I had my own made right at the event by the lovely Lisa Shaub.  I fell in love! Got lots of compliments and instantly felt like a model! ~ (Jaja!) 

Definitely going to rock this during the Spring/Summer and check out these local hat makers to see if I can get another one done for my small, but growing, collection. 

I'd also like to add that I was completely mesmerized by the Tiffany stained glass ceiling. <3

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